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             03 June, 2020


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Addicted To Struggle (Popularity: )
You've probably heard the old saying: "If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." For too many people there is a corollary to that saying as well: "If it wasn't for struggle I'd have no life at all." I hope as you read this you don't find yourself in that description, but in case you do, take a moment and reflect on this question: Am I ...

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment (Popularity: )
Selecting the right drug rehabilitation center is undoubtedly one of the most difficult and challenging decisions a person has to make in his lifetime. The rehabilitation center plays an important role in the future health and well being of the patients. But different rehab centers have different drug rehabilitation services, facilities, costs and credentials. Many of us have no idea as what are the things that we are suppose to ...

Alcoholism Symptoms - What You Must Know (Popularity: )
If you have reached a juncture in your life at which you think you are having a problem with alcohol, you may be curious (if not downright concerned) about what are some of the alcoholism symptoms. The same is the case if there is someone in your family, or perhaps a friend, who you think may be dealing with a drinking problem and who you think may be an alcoholic. Alcoholism ...

Think Before You Use Drugs - My Regret (Popularity: )
Think before you use drugs is an easy thing for me to say now. I used to use drugs regularly for about 4 years. I started out smoking marijuana and ended up smoking crack and sniffing heroin and crystal meth. My story isn't a story about how I brought my self down, how I became homeless or how I destroyed my brain. I did at one point I think have ...

Should I Stop Drinking? (Popularity: )
I used to wake up almost every morning, get in the shower, and as the water was cleansing my body as I embarked on a new day I would ask myself the question, "should I stop drinking?" Then I would get out of the shower, dry off, and more or less forget about the question until the next morning, when the same thing would happen again. It was literally as ...

What Are The Effects Of Alcoholism To A Family? (Popularity: )
Alcoholism is a terrible debilitating disease that affects people of all ages and from every race and gender. Alcoholics come in all shapes, sizes and occupations too. Doctors, Lawyers, Ships Captains, Commercial Airline Pilots and just about any other occupation you can imagine have alcoholics in their midst. But what is it that makes them susceptible to alcohol? Why are they addicted to it in the first place? Good question. ...

Elder Care Alcohol Rehab Program - The Targeted "My Life Matters" Program Can Make The Difference (Popularity: )
Statistics show that "10 to 15% of the population over 65 suffer from alcoholism," according to Zimberg (1996, p. 45). However, in reviewing available research, it appears that most practitioners have overlooked alcohol prevention, treatment, and maintenance geared specifically for the elderly. Many researchers support the idea of special treatment approaches for the elderly, feel the numbers are under-reported, and expect the numbers to increase. Therefore, I have developed a ...

Selecting The Right Drug Rehab, 10 Key Questions Begging To Be Asked (Popularity: )
For most people, selecting the right alcohol or drug rehab program may be an intimidating and emotional task. This may be an area where they have little or no knowledge. It is important to select the most appropriate rehab program to increase the chances of successful engagement and cooperation in treatment. Selecting an incompatible or poor alcohol treatment center may do more damage than good. It may foster the idea ...

Is Drinking Actually An Addiction? (Popularity: )
I stopped drinking quite a while ago and I can't help but ask this question to myself anytime I hear someone saying that drinking is an addiction. Or should I say, becomes an addiction, because of course nothing is an addiction in the beginning. My father was an alcoholic and for most of my adult life I heard that because he was an alcoholic, there was a better than average ...

Most Common Plastic Surgery Traps (Popularity: )
Cosmetic plastic surgery has become a routine procedure over the past few years, but before you book an appointment, you should first make sure that you are aware of some of the common traps patients encounter. 1. Poor recommendations. If you are planning to consult a past patient of a plastic surgeon to determine if you would also like to use them, be sure to consult those who have had good ...