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             25 October, 2020


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Have a Nice Day - Power Ballads (Popularity: )
Have you ever noticed that no matter what your mood or frame of mind, when a particular song pops onto the radio you find yourself smiling or singing along or possibly even 'bopping' in time with the beat. This article explains how you can use the positive effect of music to improve your mood and inspire you at any time of the day, no matter what frame of mind you are ...

Three Keys to a Happy Life (Popularity: )
Happiness is not a feeling that occurs occasionally when a family member or a good friend makes us laugh. Happiness is a necessary ingredient of your day to day living. Without happiness, you are stuck in the 3rd dimension of fear and distrust, jealousy and doubt. There are 3 keys to a happy life and they are easy to learn. Any child can do it. Key # 1: Include Play in ...

The Seriousness of Laughter (Popularity: )
Norman Cousins was diagnosed with an illness and told that he had little chance of surviving it. Put in a hospital room to die, he rejected that diagnosis and took matters into his own hands. He started mega dosing on Vitamin C and put himself on a daily regimen of good old fashioned belly laughing. He was convinced that a positive attitude including MUCH laughter help the body heal. In his ...

Your Blissful Life - The Struggle Within (Popularity: )
Ah the struggle. Certainly we have all, at one time or another experienced the struggle. Regardless of age, race, sex, religion or economic status, everyone has experienced the struggle. Like good and bad angels on either shoulder pulling us in opposite directions, we are torn. Many people will, without much thought, move on with their lives. Others however, like me, and perhaps yourself, take it deeper. We take it deeper ...

Four Internal Forces of Happy Living (Popularity: )
Positive Attitude and desire There are four internal forces that can be made to work positive for any person who dares to look upon his/her life in all honesty. Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true" and it's just as true today as in his time. The key to controlling the forces of life comes from an honest look at the motivations which drive us and others. You have but to ...

Overcoming Loneliness - 10 Ways to Survive Being Alone During the Holiday (Popularity: )
Although holiday season is considered a time of joy and love, but for a number of folks, it is also a time of loneliness. Those without someone special in their life often find themselves full of anxiety and loneliness during this time of year. There are also people who are spending holidays alone for the first time after the death of someone close or a divorce. The lost of loved ...

Perspective - Make it a Good One (Popularity: )
Recently someone who was very depressed her whole life - with suicidal thoughts for many years - shared with me the story of how becoming very sick changed her perspective. It was ironic, she said, how she had wanted to end her life so many times, and when actually faced with the prospect of her own death that she suddenly gained the will to live. In fact, years after recovering ...

10 Steps to Becoming Happy Now (Popularity: )
Feeling happy is something everyone wants. Whether on not you admit it to yourself, being happy is something each of us seeks. The positive feelings the come from helping others and doing something well are wonderful. These are two examples of actions that we take that provide us good feelings. This reinforces our desire to do more. A cycle of positive repeatable actions not only benefits the intended recipient but ...

Timeless Advice - Wear Sunscreen (Popularity: )
There comes a time in everybody's life when transformational or transitional moments come. They take you from one point of conscious awareness to another entirely. You're suddenly shaken from the ho-hum existence of 'just living' when you're truly woken from your spiritual slumber. I recall a time when I was driving back from University (College) having failed one of those bewildering computerised human biology exams -- one where you regret going ...

How to Be Happy Despite Your Bank Account - Recession Proof Your Happiness (Popularity: )
"Your happiness should not be related to your bank account balance." So I started a debate between myself and my parents. They were arguing the point that there is no way you can be happy if you are having financial difficulties. Do not get me wrong. I see their point. I used to agree with their point of view. I would say that 99.9 percent of the population (especially in America) ...