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             27 November, 2020


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The Prayer God Always Answers (Popularity: )
When it comes to prayer, are you searching for a secret formula or special technique that will cause God to give you what you want? Maybe you've read book after book that promised to reveal some hidden spiritual directions. No doubt you were always disappointed, because the most powerful prayers don't work that way. If you want to discover the prayer God always answers, go no further than the Lord's Prayer, spoken ...

Bless the Lord At All Times (Popularity: )
David, in Psalms 34, begins with these words, “I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” As Christians we should have the same attitude. Nothing should be able to defeat us in this world. Knowing that we belong to Him and that He is always with us should give us a joy that overcomes any reversals of life. How can we say we believe ...

Fire And Flow (Popularity: )
During one of our early morning talks in the dark, Del with his coffee and me with my honey and vinegar, we sat watching the fire in our stove. The fire was doing something we had never seen before. It would quiet down so that all that we saw were very hot logs, and then a spurt or whiff of fire would rise and immediately blink out, as the entire roof ...

Dying Is Just Another Chapter In Our Lives (Popularity: )
Most people are afraid of dying whether they admit it or not. And I was no different until I reached a better understanding of the dying process. When I was an agnostic, I used to think that when you died that was it; the end of the story. At least I hoped it was that way but underneath this belief was an underlying fear that I might have it all ...

Instant Peace - Non-Resistance - Part 2 (Popularity: )
In Part 1, which can be found at the Urban Monk website, we examined our inner resistance to events and sensations that actually don't mean anything. One sensation is no better or worse then the other, but our mind creates a story around it, and makes us judge or resist them as good or bad. Good or bad - an artificial distinction During the evening class, I realised the heat was making ...

Personal Spiritual Growth - Taking Time and Asking Questions (Part Two) (Popularity: )
In part two of these brief articles dealing with personal spiritual growth and the advantage of asking good questions, I suggest (once again) that you: 1. Find a place to relax (if only for a few moments), 2. Do whatever you can do to slow down on the inside, 3. Ask the Lord to speak to you, 4. And reflect on the following questions and related thoughts. You should find these ...

A New Religion for a New Age (Popularity: )
When recently I read a book titled "What We Believe But Cannot Prove", edited by John Brockman, I realised that so much of what we "believe" is based on nonsense, fiction, suspect 'scientific fact', and good old wishful thinking. At the end of the day there are things that are knowable and things that aren't and we have to accept that and just get on with our lives. Take the ...

Get the clue to numerology (Popularity: )
The advent of high-end techniques, modern facilities and similar other things can still not convince people of not following the traditional methods and the other things. Tradition has always been one of the main things in the culture of various religions and nations. Even today, people tend to remain inclined to things like astrology, tarot and numerology. Even though modern thoughts say that these things do not have much significant, ...

Become a Part of the Faith with Bellevue Baptist Church (Popularity: )
It is imperative that children are brought up in the Christian faith. For this, it is important that children at a young age are introduced to the community of faith and service. The earlier the children are introduced to devotion the better it will be for them. With this, the teachings of God will be taught to the children and it will become a part of their personality. Children are ...

Does Evil Exist? (Popularity: )
In the world of pain and sorrow many people turn to religion for guidance. Others deny the very existence of God based on the very same suffering he lets to occur. This Argument has been going on for many years.. I intend to look at this argument in further detail and find which side of the argument is more difficult to explain and sustain. This is the structure in which I ...