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             10 August, 2022


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Be Baptized Now (Popularity: )
Last night I had a very restless sleep. An urgency in my spirit would not allow full rest. It seems that Jesus our Savior is indeed on His way to earth to catch away those waiting and watching for Him. Being born again is great but there must be a following into baptism by immersion signifying the Lord's death and burial and coming up out of the water as in His ...

The Major and Minor Arcana (Popularity: )
The Major Arcana represents an evolution from the very first steps one takes in a spiritual odyssey, a voyage or journey, and on through the final completion when one is absorbed back into the original Godhead Source. Each step, each cycle in the Major Arcana is as a completed phase of moving beyond everything previously experienced. The Major Arcana cards represent a great amount of power structures bonded and locked ...

The Test of Love (Popularity: )
Whom do you hate? The word hate is a household word. I hate the butter it tastes like glue, someone might say. I hate her; she is always looking at my boy friend. Hate is a very strong emotion and those who live in hate travel down a dark path. Stop for a second and think about how many times you used the world hate today. How many times did ...

Christian Meditation - Phase Two (Popularity: )
Contemporary Christians are discovering the deeper aspects of meditation. Previously, many Christians who have experimented with meditation misunderstood the real benefits of meditation by mistakenly believing that meditation is simply a relaxation technique, or a way to think about and worship God. Therefore, when difficulties arose from meditation, such as when their egos began to squirm, they felt betrayed and quickly discontinued the practice. They may have even discouraged others from ...

Why Go to Church? (Popularity: )
I have heard many say that they do not need God. I have even heard some say that God is for weak-minded people. Well, I am only going to tell you what I agree with from the bible. In Hebrews chapter 10 and verse 25 it advises the church or even if you are not in church to not forsake the assembling of yourselves. In a nutshell, do not abandon ...

A Basic Introduction To Important Cosmic Laws (Popularity: )
The Cosmic Law of thought Is the Cosmic Law wherein energy follows thought. Wherever thought goes, energy will flow. Therefore, those who wish to energize need only to direct their thoughts toward that target which needs energizing. The Law of Thought, combined with the Law of Co-creation is the answer to HOW and WHY Prayer and Healing works and How and WHY it only takes 144 human co-creating Lightworkers to quickly and ...

Opportunity (Popularity: )
Once every so many purple moons I manage to get off a fairly decent article. I can already tell this won't be one of them. The reason is simple: Like the rest of the non market-gambler, nonpolitico, nonbureaucrat nation, I have been slammed back into the psychedelic, but oh-so-unavoidable, "real" world. The reason of course being the current state of our would-be democracy* as it has been played on Wall ...

A Spiritual View of Aging (Popularity: )
The fear of aging continues to affect us today as individuals and as a society, as if the later years in life were but a testimony to uselessness and helplessness, and only youth and strength were to be valued. For this reason, we bleach our teeth white, we color our hair blonde, we take male-enhancement pills to promote more vigorous sexuality, we turn away from all that reminds us, visibly, ...

Angels Are Here to Help Us (Popularity: )
Angels are right here with us all the time. They are ready to help us -- but they can't if we don't let them. For instance, what do you think happens if we say "Angels, please send me someone to love." Then, we turn around and close our hearts because we "know" we aren't lovable. Or what about when we say, "Angels, I need money and I need it now." Then, ...

A Walk in the Park (Popularity: )
It's Saturday morning, EARLY, though somehow my ten-month old son hasn't seemed to notice this. He hasn't developed weekend sensitivity yet. We are sitting in the park, playing jungle-jim, jungle-jim. He gets to be Jim and I am the jungle...to be leopard-crawled over and whacked into submission. As I halfheartedly play, my thoughts drift to what I really want to be doing: reading, writing, editing some new channellings. This makes ...