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             27 June, 2022


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Get the clue to numerology (Popularity: )
The advent of high-end techniques, modern facilities and similar other things can still not convince people of not following the traditional methods and the other things. Tradition has always been one of the main things in the culture of various religions and nations. Even today, people tend to remain inclined to things like astrology, tarot and numerology. Even though modern thoughts say that these things do not have much significant, ...

Get accurate readings with free astrology reading (Popularity: )
We all know that astrology is one thing that has always created a lot of interest and inquisitiveness. The future is one of the most unpredictable things on this earth and the best part is that every human is too keen to know their future and they can do anything to get their future predicted. One of the most sought after method is astrology. Apart from astrology, the techniques include ...

The Truth about Gaining More Energy Here's How to Rev Up Your Life! (Popularity: )
Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel run down and burned out, with hardly any positive energy to give to the activities you once enjoyed? We have all been there - tired, mentally and physically exhausted, and maybe even depressed. On top of all that, if you depend on food to gain a necessary lift, you may now also be struggling ...

Harry Potter and the Kabbalists Eyes (Popularity: )
The popularity of the Harry Potter series is not only due to J.K.Rowling's wonderful talent, but it is also due to the nature of the time period in which we live. As evidenced by Madonna's reported multimillion dollar gift towards a center for Kabbalah, the desire to understand spirituality and mysticism is increasing every year. More and more, people are delving into the world of the spirit, ironically while the ...

Talking with Your Guardian Angels (Popularity: )
Did you know that your guardian angels job is to focus entirely on you? By placing your thoughts, actions and words at the center of their attention, they are able to help you manifest your beliefs. When talking with your guardian angels the phrase "thoughts are things" holds especially true. These angels of direction and safety want to assist you along your life path, so it's important to be aware of ...

There's Nobody Out There (Popularity: )
Is there someone in your life who gets on your nerves? In your search for inner peace, as well as for world peace, you may find yourself feeling obstructed by the actions and intentions of others. We tend to idealize peace as a pastel vision of children skipping in a slow motion circle, holding hands and laughing... until the phone rings and the person on the other end tries to sell ...

A Spiritual View of Aging (Popularity: )
The fear of aging continues to affect us today as individuals and as a society, as if the later years in life were but a testimony to uselessness and helplessness, and only youth and strength were to be valued. For this reason, we bleach our teeth white, we color our hair blonde, we take male-enhancement pills to promote more vigorous sexuality, we turn away from all that reminds us, visibly, ...

How Can We Be Healed From Our Hurts? (Popularity: )
We live in a fallen world and we will experience pain from other people. Some of the pain will be purposefully given, while other pain might be an accident. Have you been hurt by someone and have not gotten over it? I recently received an email from someone who was having problems with bitterness. They were bitter over their ex-husband and how he treated her during their marriage and after. She ...

How To Deal With Angry People. (Popularity: )
There are so many snares the enemy will use to entrap us and put us in bondage. Our first thoughts when we hear the word; "snares," might be the big ones that are right in front of us like; alcohol, and excessive drinking, or drugs. We might think of gambling, or lying and stealing. But there is a snare that the enemy uses that, when you are in the middle ...

Reaching Beyond The Sixth Sense (Popularity: )
Everyone goes through their own intuitive psychic experiences to reach a point that moves beyond mind, beyond the sixth sense. No one can actually live through an experience of another person but we can intuit the experience and feel the emotions and the impact of the experiences of others. The information perceived is more than mere telepathic or precognitive information; it is actually a connection to that spark of life ...