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             21 April, 2021


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When to Take Creatine For Maximum Effects (Popularity: )
Ok now you have decided to take creatine as a supplement as part of your muscle building regime. Great but when do I take creatine? What's the best time to take it? This is a "classic" question raised frequently by both existing and potential consumer of creatine. So lets address this question here in this article. There are a few conflicting opinions on this. Some may tell you to take it before your ...

Creatine Facts - Pros and Cons of Creatine Monohydrate (Popularity: )
Both athletes and bodybuilders have used creatine extensively in recent years. It's popularity stems from its ability to enhance muscle growth and athletic performance. Creatine acts as a ready source of energy for muscles and hence people who consume creatine often report an increase in strength and endurance, which enable them to excel in their sports activities. Currently creatine is classified as a health supplement and as such it does not ...

The Pros and Cons of Creatine (Popularity: )
Most everyone wants to know what the pros and cons of creatine are. Well quite frankly the answer may shock and surprise you. See creatine has been around forever and like anything else that has been around for awhile, a lot of misinformation has surfaced. Ever since creatines inception back in the late 90's, companies have been at each other's throats to get people to buy their version of creatine. ...

Ximo is the First FDA Compliant Ma Huang Ephedra Weight Loss Product Since 2004 (Popularity: )
Mark Hughes of Herbalife was the first to use the Ma Huang ingredient back in the early eighties. The Chinese had used this herb for over 5,000 years for sustained natural energy, appetite control, weight loss and many other health benefits. They created a shake that you drink and their sales skyrocketed. The effect that Ma Huang produces to produce weight loss ( in conjunction with other herbs ) is a ...

What is Vitamin B? What Are the Benefits of Vitamin B? (Popularity: )
There is no single B vitamin, but rather there are eight water soluble vitamins, each of which plays an important role in the cell metabolism process, making up what is known as the B-Complex vitamin. While the B vitamins were once believed to be just a single vitamin, research has showed that these are eight chemically distinct vitamins that can coexist in the same foods, but that can also be ...

Herbal Treatment For Panic Attacks (Popularity: )
The simple answer is that having an anxiety or panic attack is pretty much a mind game. Yep, psychology is a huge factor since panic attacks are all based on manifesting fear in a persons mind,actually fearing fear itself. What that means is that people like us with panic disorder feel the need to be in control of all our thoughts at all times for fear that if we don't we ...

Side Effects from Omega 3 Capsules (Popularity: )
Omega 3 capsules which are also known as fish oil pills are good for gaining many health benefits. Many people consume these capsules on a regular basis to receive their share of omega 3 fats. But are there any side effects from omega 3 capsules? Let's find out. There are of three kinds: DHA, EPA and ALA. You must have heard how important DHA is for babies and growing children. It ...

What is the Link Between Depression and Omega 3? (Popularity: )
Depression and omega 3 are very much related to each other since omega 3 fats prevent and cure many illnesses related to mental health. These illnesses or conditions include prolonged depression, teenage depression, postpartum depression and many other forms of this psychological condition. DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid which is required for proper development of the brain and the eyes. It is a very essential constituent of all infant ...

Tocotrienols - 40 to 60x Stronger than Regular Vitamin E (Popularity: )
Many of us are familiar with the antioxidant and mild cardiovascular protection benefits of Vitamin E. However many are not aware that there is more to Vitamin E than just alpha-Tocopherol that is found in regular Vitamin E formulas. Scientific studies have proven that other members of the Vitamin E family, namely the Tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) - play a more important role than just regular Vitamin E (alpha ...

Vitamin B12 - Injections Vs Sublingual (Popularity: )
What is B12? Why Do We Need It? B-12 is a water-soluble vitamin (versus the fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K). It is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system and helping the body to make blood. This vitamin is known for the energy and vitality it imparts to individuals who take it. For this reason, thousands of individuals elect to get shots or injections. But are ...