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             09 December, 2023


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Does Acai Juice Do Anything For You? (Popularity: )
With the popularity Acai has recently received many people are probably wondering; "Does Acai juice do anything for you...or is it just a scam"? As a long time Acai user I can definitely say Yes Acai does do some amazing things for those who drink it consistently. The key is to get a high quality Acai product that is properly processed to retain all the nutrients the fruit contains. Like ...

Juice Detox: Understanding How It Works and the Difference from Juice Fasting (Popularity: )
A juice detox is very similar to a juice fast with one essential difference. You continue to eat certain foods while you drink your juices. Many of you may be thinking that this therefore constitutes a normal detox diet but it doesn’t – the majority of what you ingest over the specified timeframe is simply fruit and vegetable juice but occasionally, generally towards the end of the detox, small amounts ...

How to Get Your Vegetables Easily (Popularity: )
What are these mysterious green powders, you ask? Well, quite simply green powders are vegetables, fruits, micro-algaes, wild grasses and other supplements that come in a powder form. You can buy them as individual powders such as spirulina or barley grass powder or you can buy them as combination powders that include a little bit of vegetable, fruit, micro-algae and other supplements all mixed together. Usually all of the different ...

The Truth About Acai Products (Popularity: )
If you have been shopping around online for super-nutrition products, you could become overwhelmed by the level of information that is available to you, not to mention the sheer volume of products available that claim to be the next great ancient discovery for long life, health and well-being. One particular category of products that receives a lot of attention in this regard lately is Açaí Juice. This article will examine ...

The Significance of Eating a Whole Foods Diet (Popularity: )
There are so many diets around for people that are interested in losing weight or those wanting to incorporate a healthier diet into their lifestyles. One diet that is growing in popularity is the Whole Foods Diet. This is a diet based on consuming foods that are free of additives and preservatives which can make them very unhealthy. A Whole Foods Diet consists of eating foods in their natural state. ...

Flax, Ah, Oat-Meal (Popularity: )
Can you answer this age-old question? "How do you eat flax seed with oatmeal?" Some things in life we assume everyone knows. For instance, I just assume that when putting on pants everyone knows the right leg goes in first. Right? I assume it's only natural to set your alarm clock a few minutes fast so when you actually get up it's not as late as it seems. Everyone does ...

Retro Sweets and Carbohydrates (Popularity: )
You've heard it all before. Candies are basically made of carbohydrates and so are those unforgettable retro sweets which never fail to charm you over and over. Of course, resisting them is hard enough. And because carbohydrates are synonymous with sugar, you know how it is when people tell you to stay away from it because it's "bad" for your health. Actually, that might just be a misconception because we ...

Multi Vitamin Resource For Optimized Health (Popularity: )
Taking a multi vitamin everyday is great for a person's health in several ways because of what some of them provide in them. The problem is there are many multi vitamins out there that don't deliver everything that is needed for staying in best overall health. Taking a multi vitamin daily if you think about it, is just like having insurance, meaning individuals would be in better health and eliminating most ...

How to Save Money and Stay Healthy While on the Go (Popularity: )
Last week I took the kiddies to Centre Island (Centreville) in Toronto. Whenever we go to one of these amusement parks, I like to play a game called: "Find the Vegetable." Here's how Centre Island scored in "Find the Vegetable." By the way, condiments (ketchup, relish and mustard) don't count: it must be at least one serving of a vegetable. When we got off the ferry, the first restaurant we saw ...

The Endless Health Benefits of Ionized Water (Popularity: )
Ionized water is much different from filtered water because the water you receive from an ionized water machine has actually been scientifically altered whereas a water filter merely filters out harmful elements from your tap. The health benefits of ionization are immeasurable and endless. An ionized water machine takes ordinary tap water and filters it to 99.9% purity making it much safer to drink than unfiltered tap water, and definitely ...