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             26 October, 2021


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How to Make Your Treadmill Workouts Fun Again (Popularity: )
It happens to us all. When we start a new exercise plan we are full of enthusiasm. But after a few months we start to get in a rut. This is particularly true of repetitive exercises like treadmill workouts. At this point some people will just drop out. But by making just a few adjustments you can keep your enjoyment of exercising. The first thing that you need to do is ...

Living A Healthier Lifestyle By Having Fun (Popularity: )
Getting in shape and living a healthier lifestyle does not have to be all hard work. You can have some fun and still get in shape. The images most people think of when they are trying to exercise are hard work and sweat. Did I mention sweat? You can add a little fun to your exercise program and before you know it you will be in better shape. Adding variety is ...

Long Cardio Is A Killer And Increases Your Body Fat (Popularity: )
Did you know that long steady cardio exercise, like running, has now been scientifically proven to be detrimental to your health? According to research by Dr. Al Sears all those long jogs can result in cardiac distress, a shrinking of the heart, a reduction in bone density (causing osteoporosis) and a general gain in fat once exercise ceases. First, let's look at the distress that long steady distance running puts on ...

New Earth Shattering Ways To Lose Fat Using Aerobics - Here Is Something You Can't Afford To Miss (Popularity: )
It is often said that losing weight is not easy at all since it requires a lot of hard work and patience at the same time. You see that is not all that hard if you know how to combine aerobics with your fat loss efforts. You are about to discover some of the most mind blowing ways using which you will be able to lose tremendous amount of fat ...

Take the Treadmills Challenge (Popularity: )
While some people prefer to distract themselves from their time on treadmills by reading, watching TV or listening to music, those who want to focus on an intense workout can also enjoy treadmills. Speed, or pace, is an easy variable on treadmills. Setting yourself intervals at a higher speed is not only a good cardio workout, but it keeps you focused on when an interval is coming up, and when it ...

The Benefits of a Treadmill Exercise Routine (Popularity: )
It has been known for many years that walking is one of the best exercises we can do to maintain our fitness levels. Such fitness certainly helps us to lead a healthier life and helps longevity. Personal fitness regimes are now extremely popular but there are still a multitude of people that do not undertake any form of exercise because either they simply do not want to or, which is ...

The Best Back Exercises (Popularity: )
If you have a back injury, you are going to be in a lot of pain. I once fell down the stairs at work and ended up with a back spasm that would not go away. I had no idea that something so simple could be so painful. I ignored the pain at first, but it got to be so bad that I had to finally give in and go ...

The Biggest Cause Of Death In The Western World! (Popularity: )
Drugs can control symptoms, but in severe cases or after a heart attack, surgery may be the only option. Some risk factors you can change and improve upon, but some you cannot. Therefore it is vital that you make all the possible changes to your lifestyle to reduce as many risk factors as possible. Two of the biggest causes of death in the Western world are heart disease and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis ...

Weight Loss Cardio Workout - Beginning (Popularity: )
What do you want to achieve with cardio? Burn fat, tone and firm body, increase metabolism, prolong life and even achieve incredible weight loss results. Everything and more will be demonstrated in these weight loss cardio workout article series to prove you with the absolute best tips, tricks and secrets for the ultimate fat burning and weight loss cardio. In this five section series we will discuss the following topics that ...

Wii Fitness With The Wii Fit (Popularity: )
The Nintendo Wii revolution continues with the pending launch of the new Wii Fitness products as announced at this year's E3 2007. This brand new product from Nintendo, called Wii Fit, will take the form of a balance board controller accessory and a bundled exercise game. The Wii Fitness products take off from where Wii Sports started by introducing active-play games that are not only great fun to play, but also ...