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             25 September, 2021


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5 Simple Steps to Lower Your Resting Heart Rate (Popularity: )
In the worlds of physical fitness and cardiac health your resting heart rate - the number of times your heart beats per minute when you are sitting quietly - is as important as getting your heart into the "zone" for maximum calorie burning efficiency. For athletes, a low resting heart rate is usually a sign of good health, though for those who are extremely sedentary it can be a sign of ...

Acumen Heart Rate Monitor Review (Popularity: )
The increasingly hectic lifestyles and extended life expectancies in all developed and developing economies has ushered in a concept which is scarcely amazing - that the need of hour for most is a fitness regime! Heart Rate Monitors The fitness enthusiast would ideally need a personal trainer for optimal workouts - this may not be viable or acceptable to the fitness enthusiast - this then makes it imperative that a more convenient ...

Aerobic Exercise - The Benefits You Don't Want To Miss (Popularity: )
Today's complex world hands us stressors from all angles. Communication and transportation systems have "brought the world to our feet". Food that is not readily available in one area is shipped in from another. Processing plants invent new snacks to tempt our palettes. Our minds are required to work harder than our bodies in service-related rather than production-related jobs. It seems a daily competition keeping up with ideals set up ...

Aerobic Exercises For Abdomen (Popularity: )
Aerobics exercises that target the abdomen are a great way to lose weight. Of course you know about jogging (yawn) and those dance cardio classes (geez), so now it's time to learn about better aerobics exercises that target the abdomen. Aerobics Exercises For Abdomen 1. Spinning around in a circle like little kids do all the time Listen, as crazy as it may seem, that spinning around that kids do actually helps with ...

Aerobics - The Fun Way to Achieve an Ideal Figure (Popularity: )
Aerobics is the only effective way to loose those extra kilos. The full potential of aerobics still remains largely unexplored. Aerobics has been proven to be the most effective means of losing weight and unnecessary fat. One must understand the different ways of losing weight to achieve the most stunning results. In order to achieve effective results, one has to follow a few essential measures rigidly. They are as follows: Set a ...

Aerobics Exercises For The Abdomen (Popularity: )
Here are some aerobics exercises for the abdomen and to lose weight. Warning: If you're expecting me to bore you to death talking about jogging, riding a bike, and stupid stuff like that, you're in for a treat. I have some cool and fun aerobic exercises that target the abdomen. Aerobics Exercises for the Abdomen 1. Hindu Squats You're thinking, what the BLANK are hindu squats! Here's what they are... you squat up ...

Aqua Fitness (Popularity: )
Aqua fitness is used quite often by people looking to get in shape in this day and age dominated by the fitness craze. There are many reasons why aqua fitness is so popular, and there are many redeeming qualities for the body when it comes to aqua fitness, but the best feature about aqua fitness is the fact that for most people, it is fun. There is little in the ...

Atherosclerosis - Blocking or Narrowing of the Arteries (Popularity: )
Atherosclerosis comes from the Greek word - athere that means porridge and skleros meaning hardening. These words conjure up an image in our minds of exactly what happens when atherosclerosis develops in the arteries. The plaque that forms and blocks up the arteries are made of atheroma. This is a mixture of cholesterol, fibrous tissue, dead muscle cells, platelets and sometimes calcium. Over the years this plaque gets bigger and ...

Benefits of Fitness Training Exercises You May Not Be Aware Of (Popularity: )
Most people who do fitness training are unaware of some of the benefits that these exercises give. For instance you will certainly increase your energy level. It firms your body in places that you are not even concentrating on, because you have set a goal to say improve your stomach muscles, by doing this exercise you are also toning all other parts of your body. You may in-fact notice a ...

Cardio First Or Weights First? (Popularity: )
It depends on your goal. If the goal is fat loss then I suggest you perform your cardio last. Here's why. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is your body's energy currency or "pocket change". The money in your pocket is readily available for you to spend whenever you need it. However, once you run out of money you'll need to replenish it for some other source. It's the same with the energy systems ...