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             09 December, 2023


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Green Tea For Weight Loss & Obesity Cure (Popularity: )
Do you know the details of the miraculous effect of weight reduction via regular green tea intake? Are you aware of the precious benefits of taking it regularly? Just go ahead and get to know the details. Does Green Tea Works For Weight Loss? Green tea has remarkable health benefits. The Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) present in green tea has several positive effects on your body. But it has proven to be a ...

Obesity - A Growing Trend in America (Popularity: )
A study by the federal government reported that in the year 2000 6 out of 10 Americans were overweight. A person that is 40% overweight is 2 times as likely to die prematurely then someone who is of average weight. There are many health risks that are attributed to being overweight. Doctors typically use a combination of a person's weight, height, and body fat to determine if they are overweight. While ...

Re-Thinking Farming - The Solution To Obesity (Popularity: )
World leaders need to force an end to 'crazy' agricultural policies that fuel the global obesity epidemic by keeping unhealthy food cheap. This is what International Obesity Taskforce chairman, Philip James, told a gathering of experts in the field, that existing farm policies, particularly agricultural subsidies in the European Union and US, have been damaging people's health for decades. 'At the moment, the whole world is distorted by crazy agricultural policies ...

The No 1 Liver Problem Is Now Obesity (Popularity: )
Ask most people what the number one liver problem is, and they'll probably say "cirrhosis." Until recently, they would have been right. Health officials and experts in the U.S. and Canada now agree that obesity caused by poor nutrition and lack of exercise has become a bigger threat to liver health than cirrhosis, which is generally caused by excessive drinking. Obesity is a major contributing factor to fatty liver disease, which is a ...

Dangers of Belly Fat - Motivation for Our Children (Popularity: )
The dangers of belly fat are nothing short of alarming. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is consistently reporting the findings of researchers around the world. Even popular magazines, books, and prime-time news programs are beginning to discuss the dire consequences of obesity. It is especially troubling that the obesity epidemic continues to spread in spite of this awareness of the dangers of belly fat. Excess belly fat is ...

You Are Not Happy Being Obese - Realizing This Is The First Step To Losing Weight! (Popularity: )
This article is for people who are obese but still claim they are happy despite their weight. Being obese will lead to a much shorter life and also decrease the quality of life you can have. It has been proven that overweight people are less likely to get a job than a person who is not overweight. It's also known that obese people don't get partners as attractive as those who ...

Selling Cool, and Winning the War on Childhood Obesity One Child at a Time (Popularity: )
In order to beat the childhood obesity epidemic in this country we have to SELL KIDS on an action plan that they will enthusiastically approve. In other words, if kids fail to buy in, all the time, effort, energy, and resources we spend on promoting any program will be meaningless and inconsequential, not to mention a total waste. So the bottom line question in my mind is, are we smart enough ...

Lap Band Diet And Lap Band Surgery - The Pros and Cons (Popularity: )
Obesity as a medical condition can now be addressed through lap band surgery and a lap band diet following the surgery. Lap Band Surgery -- The Basics In lap band surgery an adjustable gastric band is placed on the top portion of the stomach. The procedure is considered easy and takes only a few hours. A patient can go home immediately afterwards and can continue normal activities 3 to 4 days after surgery, ...

What Can You Do With A Body Fat Monitor? (Popularity: )
Today, if an individual wishes to measure his or her own body fat, a body fat monitor can be purchased for personal use. A person no longer has to meet with a medical professional and undergo a series of tests to have body fat measured. The body fat monitor looks and works like a standard bathroom scale and can be used in a number of ways in the person's own ...

Childhood Obesity - Causes and Remedies (Popularity: )
Childhood obesity is a serious problem which is reaching epidemic proportions. Obesity can lead to several physical and psychological problems in children. Obesity can lead to various health problems in children like high BP, diabetes and higher cholesterol levels. There are several causes for obesity in children. Some of them are: ยท Family: if both or either of the parents is obese, the tendency to gain weight is more in children. This ...