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             31 March, 2023


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Specializing in Aerospace Design and Aviation (Popularity: )
Have you ever considered joining a Think Tank that specializes in aviation design and the future of aerospace? If so, perhaps you might enjoy some of the topics that we were discussing the other day? Well, take a look and see if anything here really turns you on? Our think tank discussed many aviation subjects for instance; -The airport expansion needed to support the A380 -MAVs of the Future, sensors -Commercial ...

The Cristo Rey Model is More than a Dream (Popularity: )
Shortly after I heard about President Bush's proposal for Pell Grants for low-income children to attend parochial schools, I finished reading More than a Dream: The Christo Rey Story, a inspirational book about the founding of the first Cristo Rey Jesuit high school in Chicago's Pilsen/Little Village neighborhood. More than a Dream is a history of the challenges that Jesuit leaders and Jesuit school alumni faced twelve years ago. Cristo Rey ...

Blended Learning - Audio-Conferencing As A Cost Effective Delivery Technique (Popularity: )
Many students have demands on their time that can dictate how or if they can further their education. Schools looking to serve these students should consider adopting blended learning techniques to provide flexible educational opportunities. Using a combination of online or face-to-face classes with audio-conferencing is one cost effective way to make this happen. This will allow students to avoid time costly travel time to class. Audio-Conferencing as a Cost Effective ...

Shields at 100% Captain (Popularity: )
One of my favourite devices from Science Fiction would have to be the "Force Field". Be it the quaint let's get it up in a hurry force field from the original Lost in Space TV series, or the nail biting "shields at 5% Captain" from the original Star Trek. These fictional force fields protect us from a host of nasties ranging from a Klingon phaser blast to the unceasing onslaught of ...

Computer Gaming; Design Planning for Future Events (Popularity: )
It should be quite obvious by now that in the future our aircraft will fly themselves and cars will drive themselves. It is therefore necessary when designing computer games to plan for such future events and put in the future for the gamer. In other words you will have to design vehicles, which go very fast and maneuver very quickly and can do it by themselves. If you will consider for ...

Teleportation Today (Popularity: )
"To boldly go where no man has gone before", sounds like a good motto for this article. Unfortunately its already been taken, however its not the only cliché we can borrow from Star Trek for today's article. Beam me up Scotty pretty much sums up today's efforts. Unlike our intrepid Chief Engineer Scotty from the iconic Star Trek TV series, teleportation today is a long way from beaming Captain Kirk and ...

Traveling in the Universe - A Thought (Popularity: )
What is the best way to travel through the Galaxy or Universe? How about moving thru space by standing still, perhaps like the World Wide Telescope, but by using a Galactic Positioning System map. How so you ask? Well, let me explain a thought to you. Since everything is in motion, you can travel, by merely staying put, an energy force that interrupted all the forces acting upon you would mean ...

Space Camp for Your Children! (Popularity: )
Many of us growing up wanted to go to the NASA Space Camp in Alabama and of course that would not be easy, as the competition was severely tough. Recently one of our Online Think Tank members from the UK notified us that he was building a VR or Virtual Reality, 3D, Surround a Sound model, simulator of the Space Shuttle, he is in Europe. Cool stuff. Indeed as a space ...

Preparing For A Career In Reflexology Through Higher Education (Popularity: )
There are different types of accredited training programs that have the ability to provide reflexology career preparation. You can find the one that is right for you by making sure it offers the level of education and the area of learning that you long to enter into. Preparing for a career and education in reflexology through higher education will teach you to provide a natural healing therapy to help relieve ...

Online Educational Games In The New Millennium (Popularity: )
The future of higher education will involve: A) The same traditional classroom structure we've had for hundreds of years; B) It does not matter- dolphins will take over the earth; C) Robots will teach us all; or D) The use of interactive software in combination with distance learning to supplement current programs Okay, so you probably don't think that artificial intelligence will advance so rapidly that robots will become our primary teachers and you probably ...