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How To Schedule Your Homeschooling Day, And Have Time To Spare (Popularity: )
When creating a homeschooling schedule, areas of instruction, student age, and family schedule should all be taken into consideration. These three things should be integrated to come up with a schedule that will benefit children and adults alike. There is no need, however, to redesign the wheel. Use tools available to you to come up with a schedule that meets your needs. The first step in creating a homeschooling schedule is ...

What You Need to Know About Homeschooling Laws (Popularity: )
Many parents are turning to the option of homeschooling for their kids these days. And why not? Statistics show that children who are home-schooled often have higher grades and better chances at success than those attending public schools. Many parents wonder what the laws are regarding homeschooling in their state. As laws vary throughout the country, this is a valid question. After all, any parent wants their child to have ...

Homeschooling the Middle Schooler (Popularity: )
For both parents and students, the transition from the elementary grades to middle school can be very difficult. Not only do students and parents have to adapt to a new schedule and a new curriculum, but the change in age groups also means that both students and their parents have to adjust to changes that result as students begin to develop and change physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Many times, middle ...

7 Reasons to Choose an Accredited Homeschooling Curriculum (Popularity: )
In the world of homeschooling, not all curricula are created equal. For the parent who wishes to give his or her child the most effective learning experience possible, the best choice is to go with a curriculum that is standards-based and fully and officially accredited. While these accredited homeschooling programs are often a little pricier, using a properly accredited curriculum is cheaper than having to make for not using one ...

Choosing a Homeschooling Curriculum (Popularity: )
You have made the decision to home school, now you have to select the curriculum! This is no easy job and can be daunting, so break it down into more manageable pieces and take your time. Knowing your child's learning style will be important. In fact it is where I would start in the process of choosing a curriculum. When I refer to their learning style I mean, do they learn ...

Counting the Home Schooling Costs For Yourself (Popularity: )
There are a lot of different things that need to be taken into consideration whenever you're homeschooling a child. Watching your child develop into a healthy adult is certainly one of the greatest benefits of teaching your child at home but there are a few other things that warrant some attention. For example, keeping home schooling costs in mind is important if you are going to be successful for the ...

Homeschool Writing - 6 Ideas For Getting Your Kids to Write (Popularity: )
Getting homeschool students to write can be quite a chore, but it doesn't have to be. Usually getting started is the hardest part. Here are some ideas that can spark your child to write and maybe even enjoy writing: 1. Make an album - Find some old or new pictures and have your child paste them on a page and write a caption or description for each picture so they don't ...

The Home School - Learning Must Profit to Be Real (Popularity: )
I am a teacher. I am supposed to teach English and how to write. I do succeed somewhat in my goal; at least I see improvement in my students' work. But I do not kid myself, because I teach inside the assembly-line factory model of education developed by the Prussians a hundred and fifty years ago and still used for what is called "school" today. Writing, or any of the other ...

Homeschooling Using Community Resources (Popularity: )
Many homeschoolers depend on community resources for some of their learning especially if they use and unschooling or unit study model of learning. They say that the more senses you use to learn something, the more likely you are to remember what you are learning. Interacting with a person or seeing something demonstrated in person certainly adds to any learning environment. Here are a few ideas that you can use ...

Help! How Can I Convince My Husband to Let Me Home School the Kids? (Popularity: )
I always knew I wanted to home school our children. When I was in high school, I babysat for a home schooling family, and they had such exciting projects going on. Later, when I was student teaching in university, I discovered a more important reason to home school. It simply wasn't possible to meet every child's needs in a classroom setting. My husband, however, took some convincing. He hadn't had any ...