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             01 December, 2023

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Immortalizing your best moments and memories using photo to text

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2020-12-29 08:35:51     
Article by Photo To Text

While we are still young, time flashes by, and we do not know it because we are most times caught up with the enjoyment that life presents. A popular saying goes thus, “Time flies,” but honestly, memories fly too. The question now is, as memories fly, can you ever capture it? I guess you could only catch things that are seen, but memories can be seen. It sounds odd, right? You can see them because you live them each day. Therefore, if you care much about retaining them, you can capture them into pictures. And making them more memorable is quite simple. A picture with words will allow you to retain both the moments and the words that are precious and unique to such a moment. For instance, if you are newly wedded, you can put a short word out of your marriage vow on your wedding picture.

This might not be same for everyone however the best part of our lives as a human lie in our youth. We have the energy, people, love, and enthusiasm for a lot of things. Many exciting things happen while we are young, even though life may be cruel, but we still move on because we are so energetic, and we rarely lose the will to live on. Most of our love relationships happened when we were young, and there are moments of pain, happiness, sadness, and joy. Through the ups and downs of life, we fight on, when life is good, we cheer on, and when it presents the opposite, we still stand our feet and trust our guts to lead us through. What time do we travel most? It is when we are young. When do we have so many friends to hang out with? I guess that is also when we are young—being young presents a lot of possibilities and experience; experiences that are priceless and numerous enough to leave our hearts with many memories. Memories we want to let go and the ones we forever cherish and want them to remain in our hearts forever.

However, unfortunately, life gives, and it takes back. It makes you grow old and then takes some things from you. As we grow, so also our memories, some things we can’t trust our brains to keep. Because as we get older, the more memories slip from our minds either through circumstances or ailments. Even before age starts having its toll on us, we don’t get to stay with friends forever. Friends, loved ones, family members, and associates either move on or die. Adventures are good; they happen a lot while we are still young. But you don’t get to have the strength to experience them for a long time.

In short, you can immortalize the moment that you have now when you are still young. It has been proven that when you look at something daily, the odds of forgetting them are low. That's why it is essential that you pick some of the best moments of your life and put them in pictures. And you should not stop there, further ahead to convert the photo to text. That way, you are not only capturing moments in pictures, but you are making sure that some memories stay with you forever. As each moment present itself, you can do well to capture those moments. Are you in college, and you have friends that you so much love? Then firstly you have to acknowledge the fact that you cannot stay together for the rest of your life. So as each moment comes, enjoy them and also immortalize them using pictures with words.
Who says you could not win against life in some things, if life would work you into forgetting some moments, then you could prepare ahead for it? At every stage of your life, especially those times when you are winning. They are the best in your life, and you don’t just allow them to go. Capture graduations, job appointments, weddings, hangouts with friends, when you give births, and other important parts of your life. Many might not see any meaning to this, but you will find them useful when you grow older. This does not seem important to many because they conclude they will never forget. Yes, that is what it looks like; the moments will always be in your head while you are still young. Each moment replays as if they happened yesterday. But you might need to ask yourself why some older adults age to the extent they start forgetting even people that are closer to them. Although old age is different for various people, you need to ask yourself how yours will turn out. Old age might even be far ahead, do you remember that song you loved most. How you sing the lyrics correctly when you are in high school, how well can you still sing them now that you are working? If you cannot sing the song words for words again, that should be a hint that there are things we cannot hold on for a longer time.

Apart from writing nice words on your picture, you can also put song lyrics on a picture. In the course of my existence, I have realized some songs have memories attached to them. As you sing them, you would not be able to help but reminisce on some things. It could be a song that you sing along with a friend. So, the moment you sing the lyrics, memories about them will start flooding your heart. Our memories might be fragile, but what they need most is an attachment. I once had an experience like this; during my high school graduation, I had a couple of friends, and we have a common song that we sing together. However, anytime I remember the song, I do not only sing because of the melody, but I sing it because of the sweet memories attached to it. As I sing along with mixed emotions (happy because of those moments and sad because I miss them), they become fresh in my mind.

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