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             22 January, 2021

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Things That You Definitely Should And Shouldn't Do When Using Essential Oils For Aromatherapy

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2006-11-11 01:34:20     
Article by Tim Gorman

If you're new to aromatherapy, then there are lots of things for you to learn. It seems so easy to just buy a few oils and start using them, but in fact there's a lot more to aromatherapy than that. There are things that you definitely should and shouldn't do when using essential oils for aromatherapy, otherwise you could find yourself with problems. Here are a few things that you should be aware of.

Perfume Oils Don't make the mistake of confusing perfume oils with essential oils. When you buy essential oils, you know they will incorporate a number of therapeutic benefits. Perfume oils don't offer the same benefits. Many people like aromatherapy simply because they enjoy the pleasant smells, but even so, regular perfume oils won't give you any of the same benefits as essential oils.

Rubber Stoppers Some essential oils come in glass or plastic containers with rubber glass tops. These are not a good idea, as over time the concentrated oils can damage the rubber. This means either your oils will leak, or they will become contaminated from the deteriorating rubber. Either way, your oils are useless to you.

Buying Essential Oils With aromatherapy becoming so popular, it's inevitable that there will be manufacturers hoping to cash in by offering cheap oils to the market. It's important, however, that you use good quality essential oils in their natural form. Most of the time you will need to buy these from a reputable herbal or health store. Do some research and make sure you're buying the proper essential oils, not a cheap imitation. If you see oils for sale at a craft market or from a street vendor, don't waste your money. Chances are these are cheap oils with some perfume added to them so they appear to be the real thing. A good retailer will be able to give you information about the origin of the oil, as well as the botanical names of the oil and the name of the country where the oil is made.

Safety There are a number of safety issues surrounding the use of essential oils that you should be aware of. Take some time to research these, particularly if they're included with your purchase, so that you don't have any mishaps. Using the oils correctly also makes them much more effective.

Basically, it's a good idea to find out at least a little bit about aromatherapy before you start using it. This will ensure you get the maximum benefit from your essential oils, and not do yourself any harm in the process. There's plenty of information available on the Internet, or you can read books and magazine articles about aromatherapy to get yourself started.

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