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             28 September, 2023

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Protect your online security with GlassWire Free Firewall

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2020-04-22 07:55:34     
Article by GlassWire company

A firewall is an essential component for protecting any home or business network, but a conventional solution, such as the one provided by default in modern Windows operating systems, falls short in a variety of ways. It doesn't give you any insights into your internet traffic, and there aren't many controls to help you optimize the user experience. While the complete lack of user interaction might make it an attractive solution, it's still important to have additional measures to effectively protect your security and privacy, especially if you're in the habit of connecting to unsecured wireless networks. Fortunately, GlassWire Free Firewall has the answer.

Protect your privacy online

We live in an age when our privacy faces constant threat from surveillance, either by governments or unscrupulous organizations. New legislation like Europe's GDPR or California's CCPA have helped improve matters but keeping your private life safe starts with you. GlassWire Free Firewall goes far beyond the conventional firewall by giving you control over your private life. You can instantly see which devices your computer is talking to, and which websites and other remote networks and machines its connected to. A convenient visual interface and network monitoring graph also displays the remote resources your computer may have connected to in the past. You have a complete history of your online activity allowing you to quickly expose any applications that might be sending your personal data to remote servers.

Keep safe while browsing

The most important and effective way to approach information security is to take a proactive approach. The whole point of a firewall is to keep the bad stuff out and keep your personal or sensitive data from leaving your local device or network. GlassWire Free Firewall automatically detects and quarantines spyware, malware, and other threats. It will detect and stop apps which are behaving unusually thanks to heuristic measures that don't just detect potentially malicious code, but suspicious activities as well. It also helps you optimize your network performance by drawing attention to any bandwidth hogs, allowing you to block any offending connections so they don't get in the way of your work. The program will also alert you to any unusual changes to your apps which might indicate a malware infection.

Protect and monitor your entire network

GlassWire Free Firewall doesn't just stop at protecting the computer it's installed on. You can also use it to protect your entire network, making it an ideal solution for businesses and large home networks. It allows you to monitor other PCs on the network and get alerted whenever a new unknown device connects to your wireless network. To get a big picture look at your network, you can also use the network data usage monitoring tool. With this you can see the total amount of incoming and outgoing data, which is ideal if you need to locate bandwidth hogs, or you need to limit bandwidth on a metered (mobile) connection. It also displays all the connected hosts along with their IP or web addresses, along with the type of traffic. The latest edition adds a new animation when switching between firewalls, and there's a bug fix to address the problem of blocked apps being placed in the wrong category.

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