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             18 January, 2022

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Five Key Things: Smoothly Transitioning from Student Life to Professional Life

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2020-02-18 07:46:16     
Article by Rohit Chandiramani

Almost every one of us loved being a student. Once you jump in professional life, you miss the autonomy and spontaneity of student life. Every person at least once in his/her life experiences this journey from student status to adulting. Transitioning from student life to graduate employment is a bit difficult. You get self-realization that you are no longer a student, and there won’t be teachers or lessons to follow. Nine-to-six workdays, unknown faces, some of your office peers have children of your age, no more summer vacation (say what?)…It’s enough to make you curl up into a teary-eyed ball under your cubicle.

But not to worry and lose hope. The below five tips can help guide you through a successful transition from studying full-time to working full-time.

1) Learn to balance your work and personal life:
Early on, you were juggling homework, hectic agendas, completion of assignments at the end moment, and of course, bunking classes! This habit must have made you more flexible than silly putty. Do not expect to stay up until midnight (or later) every night, or be able to go out with friends several nights during the week as you did in college. Instead, make healthy work habits that contribute to career success. Get enough sleep, eat well, and make the most of your free time to keep a work-life balance. Remember, although you cannot ignore personal responsibilities, do not let outside-the-office commitments creep into the workplace. Doing so can get you fired.

2) Need to manage your finances:
Pocket money might have provided some funny stories; however, your bank account is no longer a joke. Your set of expenses such as student loan, rent can lean to heavy debt if you are financially irresponsible. Keep track of your monthly expenses and budget your personal expenditures, such as concerts, gym memberships, and happy hours. Furthermore, keep a habit of saving money like setting aside a certain amount every month. In case you run into any unforeseen emergencies, you will have a fund to help with expenditure.

3) Do not skip exercise:
Exercising was a breeze in college. Now you have to cram workouts into a full to-do list. You can make a habit to swim early morning, sign up for gym or yoga before or after your office hours. You can also find a workout you enjoy, stick to a routine, and adopt a healthy diet.

4) Be communicative and proactive:
Keep communicating with your superiors constantly. It will help you ensure you are receiving the right type of experience and guidance. Take the initiative to speak if you do not feel you are being asked to give valuable contributions, which will add to your work experiences or skills. Indicate you are willing to work hard and learn; most of your co-workers will help you accomplish your goals. You need to be prepared to communicate your requirements and desires in terms of what you are hoping to achieve.

5) Keep looking out opportunities:
Once done with the internship or student job experience, consider the likelihood of upward mobility in terms of learning and development courses, full-time employment, and promotions. If you are genuinely a good worker, the majority of companies will value your hard work and effort. They will work to keep you on board. Keep in mind that if you are looking for permanent job opportunities, networking is the key factor. The more and more job connections you have, the more and more opportunities you get.

Last few words……..
Following the above tips can help smooth the daunting experience of transitioning from college to graduate employee. With a head full of knowledge and a fresh degree in hand, you perhaps thought you are done with the learning part. However, a successful transition from college life to work life is a learning way all its own.

You are learning what you are good at, how the real professionals work, where you need to improve. Now you are starting to build a professional connection, which may serve you throughout your career. Experience in the real world is what makes you decide whether or not you need to choose another path in your career.

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