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             25 March, 2023

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How to Remove Body Hair Without Taking Too Much of Your Time

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2020-01-09 10:48:40     
Article by Natalie's Skin Solutions

For many people, the removal of hair from the legs, underarms, back, chest and bikini area has become a natural part of everyday grooming.

If you’re tired of the traditional methods of waxing, shaving or epilating and want a more effective and affordable solution, Natalie’s Skin Solutions Aesthetic & Laser Center's laser hair removal in Naples Florida is right for you. Our highly trained laser technicians provide medical-grade treatments to create a permanent reduction in unwanted or excessive hair.

Soprano Ice Pain Free Laser Hair Removal in Naples FL is perfectly safe when performed by our trained dermal technicians using our medical-grade equipment. We recommend coming in for a free consultation where we can assess your skin and hair type and provide accurate advise on any questions you may have for pain-free laser hair removal in Naples Florida.

Qualified laser technicians at Natalie’s Skin Solutions Aesthetic & Laser Center have a more advanced understanding of how your skin and hair follicles will respond to the laser, which means they can provide the best advice to suit your needs. Here’s how to remove body hair without taking too much of your time.

A reputable clinic like Natalie’s Skin Solutions Aesthetic & Laser Center will offer an initial consultation, where they will assess your skin and hair type and provide you with a detailed treatment plan. A professional technician will let you know what to expect, how much it will cost and any pre- and post-care guidelines before conducting any treatment.

Natalie’s Skin Solutions Aesthetic & Laser Center reinvented laser hair removal with its Soprano XL system. Now the best is even better. We’re proud to introduce the Soprano ICE, everything you asked for in a hair removal laser. The new ICE applicator further cools the skin by integrating numerous cooling mechanisms for a safe, comfortable treatment for almost any skin type.
The laser aims a concentrated beam of light at your hair follicles. With darker skin types, the laser is attracted to the blood supply to the hair follicle. The pigment in your hair follicle will absorb the light and heat, damaging the follicle enough to discourage further growth, with the hair eventually falling out.

On the fence whether or not to get laser hair removal? Here’s why you should!
Permanent reduction in unwanted hair.
Reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.
Avoid the possibility of getting uncomfortable shaving rash.
Achieve silky-smooth skin – that’s the goal, right?
Cheaper than waxing – affordable treatments that will save you money in the long run!
Safe and effective technology
Natalie’s Skin Solutions Aesthetic & Laser Center uses the latest medical technology, administered by Certified Medical Aestheticians, to provide a transformational experience and provides support for longevity maintenance. We also offer natural, non-chemical options for any available treatments and pain-free laser hair removal.

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