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             27 September, 2022

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4 Critical Cloud Computing Security Features All Businesses Must Have

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2018-10-15 09:22:10     
Article by Andrew Stevenson

Businesses of all sizes must be hyper-vigilant when it comes to cyber security. Whether you are using a traditional on-the-premise infrastructure or a cloud-based one. Poor response to cyber-attacks and weak defenses can a leave the company at the mercy of hackers. This is why it is critical to select the best solutions when choosing your cloud services. There are many companies that are offering wonderful cloud computing solutions but one that really stands out is Cloud Cone. Whether you are looking to set up content delivery networks for your business or you are looking for storage solutions, this company has got you covered.

Security is vital

Hackers are developing new strategies that allow them to by-pass firewalls. It does not matter whether your business systems have firewalls inside firewalls, all that is needed is a small loop hole that can be exploited and the hackers will be in for business with you. Regardless of improvement in cyber security systems, cyber terrorism is still a major problem. Therefore when you put up that cloud server, are there features that you need to ensure are in place in order for successful and excellent protection against outside attacks or even internal breeches? Yes. Here are some four critical cloud computing security features that must always be present:

State-of-the-art perimeter firewall

A majority of firewalls are very simple and typically will inspect source and destination. There are however some more advanced firewalls that feature stable inspection of the systems checking the integrity of the file packets, approving and rejecting them based on set security criteria. Do you think this is an important element for your cloud server?

Intrusion detection systems

Intruder alerts are not anything new and by the standards of many cyber security compliance manuals, all businesses must have this. Event logging is also not anything new. Any business that wants to meet the compliance standards such as HIPAA or PCI many have event logging solutions. This is probably the first question that you should ask you cloud computing solutions provider before you purchase those services.

Internal firewalls for individual applications and databases

It is helpful to have that strong perimeter firewall above mentioned. However, internal attacks and IT security breaches are still a major threat. Internal firewalls to block out access to sensitive information and applications should be present in any IT infrastructures. These firewalls keep the individual databases and applications separated and can help to limit the damage that an attack from the inside can do.

Data centers with strong physical security

The last option for hackers to get into your systems is the physical hardware that is used to run the cloud environment. Access to the hardware would allow the hacker an opportunity to steal your data and also upload malware directly into your systems.

These are just some of the four important elements that you need to have in your business’ cloud systems. Your content delivery networks can be a source of trouble for your business. Get in touch with the experts at Cloud Cone and you are guaranteed that you will get nothing but premium quality cloud solutions at incredibly good prices.

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