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Gift Ideas For Those Living In A Nursing Home

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2006-11-11 01:27:19     
Article by Dranreb Earl Juanico

Elderly people who dwell in a nursing home have needs that are considerably different from those living in their own home, not to mention being constrained by a limited space. Nevertheless, the confines of a nursing home do not exclude these people from receiving tokens of appreciation. Indeed, there are still numerous valuable gift ideas for those residing in nursing homes. Not knowing what these people need or want is no excuse for not giving them gifts. Gifts are small tokens that express concern and care. Everyone longs to be remembered, most especially elderly people in nursing homes who do not experience the proximity of family and loved ones. Most people agree that thinking of gift ideas for people dwelling in nursing homes can be painstaking. The following ideas discussed in this article may help provide a spark of thought. These gift ideas for nursing home residents are generally practical and useful, and most importantly, these gift ideas embody thoughtfulness.

Those who reside in nursing homes are sometimes unable to shop for stationery, note cards, greeting cards, writing supplies, and postage stamps. A nursing home resident, who is fond of filling out letters and cards, may be given a gift of postage stamps, writing supplies, and greeting cards for all occasions. Furthermore, include an address book that contain with the names and addresses of relatives and friends. Bestowing a nursing home resident the facility to stay in touch with family and friends is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

Everyone enjoys reminiscing happy moments in one’s life, and for the elderly, the past is oftentimes more revered than the present. Anyone would certainly love to receive a scrapbook or a photo album that depict valuable memories. Pictures, as the old adage says, “are worth a thousand words,” and sending someone a gift book containing familiar faces, smiles, as well as places is something that can be appreciated and looked at again and again. If the nursing resident is a friend or a family member, make copies of photographs in your possession, and solicit photographs from other family members or from mutual friends. Select a cheerful motif for the photo album, and fill the album not only with cherished photos of family, pets, friends, happy occasions, and vacations but also perhaps, some personal notes from the people whose faces appear in the album. The recipient will surely love a thoughtful gift as this, and they will be able to relive the past with each turn of a page.

Gift certificates are popular for all occasions, and fortunately gift certificates are available for every interest and age group. A gift certificate might be a very appropriate choice to give to a nursing home resident who can go outside of the facility to have a massage, professional pedicure, manicure, or hairstyle. A restaurant gift certificate might also be considered, so the recipient can use it, for instance, to treat a guest to a meal out. Also consider services and entertainment that cater the interests or the needs of the nursing home resident, and purchase a gift certificate that they can make use of.

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