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             29 May, 2020

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Contract Management Being Made Easier By Using New Technologies

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2016-09-18 08:09:15     
Article by James Blake

The management of the contracts that have been made with the partners, customers, employees or vendors is known as contract administration or contract management. The various people who are required in contract management to maintain, support, retain, negotiate and manage various contracts that are effective are very difficult to train. It is even more difficult to retain such personnel.

What is included in contract management?

Contract management involves negotiating the various terms and conditions with the concerned authorities and ensuring that all the terms and conditions are complied with. Contract Management also includes the documentation as well as the agreement on the various amendments or changes that may take place during the execution or the implementation of the contract.

Thus, contract management can be summarized to be the process that manages the creation of the contract in a systematic and efficient manner and executing it. Contract management also involves the process of analysis so that the operational process can be maximized along with the financial process and to reduce the risk as well. Contract management has three phases. The first one is the pre-contract phase. This is followed by the contract execution phase. Lastly comes the post award phase.

Some of the common commercial contracts are letters of employment, orders of purchase, sales invoice and other utility contracts. Sometimes, complex contracts are required for various construction projects or goods and services that are regulated highly. Such a contract might also be required for services that have a very detailed list of technical specifications or are related to international trade. These large contracts need to use contract management software very effectively because many parties are involved.

What is the cloud based contract management system?

There are many contract management solutions that use a contract management cloud. Such solutions usually have a very intuitive interface. Some of them charge according to the number of contracts that are stored in the system. There are also solutions that allow people to upload contracts that have been completed offline and then extract the terms. On the other hand, some solutions can manage the whole contracting process on their. People can also create contract alerts and overview all the contracts in one go.

What are the various other features of contract management software?

The contract management software has been an important part of the success of various organizations. Healthcare centers and hospitals were one of the first users of this new technology. It has many advantages. The main advantage of using contract management software is that it reduces a lot of effort that is required to manage the contracts.

Such software has unlimited user defined fields and contract types. This helps the organization to take up and address any kind of contract in the present day or at a future date. Data can be easily filtered, searched or easily accessed. Even documents can be easily searched for. Another big advantage of the software is that it can be used on any kind of device (be it a PC or a mobile phone). Such software can be used at any time of the day and from any place. Security is also taken care of by such software.

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