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             28 June, 2022

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4 Market Techniques to increase ROI for a Small Business

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2015-07-06 10:59:58     
Article by Frisklancer Services

ROI for a small business plays the most important role for a sustainable business and quality, retain-able clients. ROI refers to return on investment but in the online marketing, it can be regarded as Rapport Optimizing Investment. I will not talk about “what to do” techniques because that information is being flooded by n number of blogs on daily basis. Instead, I will give you the tips on improving the execution on what needs to be done.

Content Draw Attention (Blogging)-For ex. People will ask you to start a blog and posting within your niche, but how and about what? I don’t know if you people will like it, but I intend to start a quality blog even before my real market website.

Here are some points on starting a blog:
Write like, the entire 6 billion humans are going to read it. Some people try to fill their blog with the latest information barely or strongly related to their main business. Keep quality intact, right from the start.
Put an SEO plugin if you are using word press or blogger (I bet you use). Keep a keyword to focus and let your title, description, content and even URL stick to that keyword. Don’t stuff it, instead try to build concepts around it by searching more on the web. Yoast and Small SEO Tools are good companions to point out smallest of points, where you can do better to keep the article directed.
Put alt tag against every image you upload within your post. Try to put a reversible link to the resource for due credit. Don’t use your company name as a keyword, instead try to help the other Google and Bing users to find the information quickly. Use “best-fit” size instead of large images.
Get straight to the objective of the Title, just make a research on what other people are writing on same niche and what’s scoring high.
The “Tools and tips” articles rank well today. Because, Google believes in pointing out right resources and if you have them on your blog, you can rise swiftly towards the first page results.
Use your main website URL for creating a sub-URL for your Blog. You will not believe the kind of traffic and credibility it will score to the main page. For ex. example.com/blog.

Facts: Companies posting a blog, twice a week or 10 times a month show 15 times better visibility than who don’t and thus fruits useful branding.

Social Media (Why and Why not):Use Social media wisely and don’t get distracted. There is an elaborate explanation of it. If you have seen the Facebook wall of Zomato, a renowned global food chain, you would notice the low frequency of posts, but every post performs considerably well and no counterpart in its category gains such engagement. There is only one monotony factor, one can predict from their posts, they target feelings. So, keep up the emotion factor while stuffing your promotion cautiously. Let’s see what we can do with these platforms and factors.

Draw everything in pictures. The “Text posts” in Facebook now belongs to the past. Use Videos, Flash, infographics, fictional characters to explain your viewpoints. Use Facebook’s real-time notifying elements like check-ins, milestones, event and contests up to good effect.

Don’t CREATE A GOOGLE PLUS account straightaway. If you have noticed, most of us authorize our social platforms through Gmail accounts. So, there must be some special privilege in using Google’s own social platform,Plus.
Once you buy a domain and some premium email addresses with it. It’s time to name them precisely. I often use social@example.com or marketing@example.com to create a marketing account. Once you have the email account. Link it with Gmail and then go to maps.google.com.

Search, if your company is listed on the map. If not, log in with your brand new Gmail work account and use it to enter the details of your working place. Google will use at most a week to approve your address on maps.

Once your company is on the map. Go to the search bar, search for your company place. Once you reach the location, click on “Are you the business owner” just at the bottom of search window. (See image for details)
Once you click on it, you will be directed to a brand new Google Plus page after going few steps with your company’s Name and address mentioned in it. Making directly a Google plus page has fewer benefits than a real business page.
Use Pinterest, Tumblr for Serious Fun. People who are on these websites are average intellectuals compared to big blues. So, use the humor with your knowledge to create content for them. The ROI of your company mostly comes from the brand reputation and these platforms are perfect. These platforms are photophilic. So, give them ample visuals (phots, videos, infographics, flash content) they require and curate better content by Googling or Binging. Their own local search is quite beneficial to collect categorical content.

Twitter and LinkedIn are more for real announcements. Any company updates, events or contests must be outspoken to the audience, which matters the most to your selling cycle. LinkedIn mostly has your business contacts and twitter has everything linked to you. Also, there is no disadvantage in taking benefit from Facebook posting features.
If you already use Scoop.It, hub pages, Delicious and hootsuite, you already be seeing 2000 views on an average day on your blog or website. These web pages help you by making the most of your curated and published content. They give you the leverage of posting your content in the right place at the right time.

Direct Marketing: Social Media and content building has one main objective: to bring the right buyers and clients to you. After this, you need direct marketing. You need to exchange 100 of messages and emails before leaving your desk every day with 5-10 sales. Once you start interacting with people in actual, you will come to know the brand value and ROI. Direct marketing is the main interface between you and the client. So, have your best speakers allocated for this job.
We will start by analyzing data and searching contacts, which are looking to buy a product right now. Ask them for a time to give a demo. Don’t overpitch about your product and no false promises. Direct marketing helps you to know the ground needs, which becomes inevitable to the business revenue.

Premium Marketing (Paid Marketing)-One needs to have a ratio between organic and paid listings. I prefer it 60:40 with Organic listing on the higher side. Here are some tips you can use.

Don’t Post Google ads right after you launch your product online? Instead, wait for the right occasion and collect needful resources before making a bust. Keep them simple but business oriented and filled with emotional hype.
Use Promotion features from Facebook to bring your pitch on the bigger wire.

Please remember, your paid marketing should only play a supportive role in raising the ROI of Company. This means that more of your business must be coming, just because people likes your product and not because you bought a top rated paid listing on Google for a popular keyword.

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