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             31 October, 2020

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Essential Elements For Launching A Website?

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2014-12-20 07:26:09     
Article by Mariyya Sharapova

For succeeding online, we need a website with good hosting and an attractive domain name. Deciding an attractive, easy to remember domain name makes wonder to the website. All the requisite designing must be done. Launching a website is a major thing to do. Everything should be perfect to the core. There is a list of things that need to be checked.

• Tools need to be installed to check the activity happening in the website like the number of people visiting the website, the time spent by the people on a particular page, the traffic generated and much more. Numerous tracking tools are available to track the events, e-commerce tracking, goal tracking and much more.
• The contents of the page have to be thoroughly checked and proof read for the relevance. The Titles and other important information should attract the potential customers. The contents should be in easy to read format, facilitating the browsers.
• The code should be validated perfectly to make sure if the website does what it is intended to do.
• The launch of the website can be advertised through a “coming soon” page or communicating it internally to all stakeholders and to all the necessary people on the network.
• The design of the webpage should be customer friendly. And the navigation should have a good sequence. The user must be able to find what they are looking for within seconds. Organizing the web page in the proper sections of information is very important. The links on the page should be well connected. The Links and texts must be differentiated to avoid confusion.
• The SEO technique should be perfectly used in the titles, contents of the website to generate the traffic.
• Check should be done for cosmetic errors, on page load errors and other minor errors to make sure the website is perfectly working well.
• The website needs to be checked against the scripts installed for a better performance.
• The website should withstand heavy traffic, should be fast, and have good uptime which makes it available for the customers every time they need it. A good hosting, for say- $1 web hosting service is thus necessary for the overall performance of the website.
• The website should work perfectly without breaking in all the major browsers like the IE, chrome, opera, Firefox and etc. The website should be designed to be supported by every browser.
• The functionality of the website should be checked properly. Different users use the website differently. The major areas to be tested are the login page, search functions, and other important parts which are mostly used.
• There are various things that need to be checked post launch, to check if the page is displayed properly without any errors, if the tracking is properly done, message reporting and etc.

Validation of the above options will make sure the launch is successful and the website is a hit. The careful analysis and checking of the website surely does wonders to the business and the success of the website. With the above details and the right steps taken, the website launch will definitely be an accomplishment.

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