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Finding An Acne Cure

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2006-11-09 00:06:16     
Article by Michelle Bery

Acne can significantly impact the lives of its sufferers – lowering self-esteem and dramatically decreasing social interaction. The truth is that our faces are the first thing to which other people react. And when our face is less than perfect – and at the mercy of a difficult skin affliction – it can be challenging to fully engage in the world around us.

Acne occurs when our pores become clogged with dirt and bacteria. Oil which we naturally produce and normally flows easily from our pores suddenly has nowhere to go. Trapped oil results in acne. Those who suffer from acne can tell you that they will often stop at nothing to find a successful acne cure for their specific condition.

But why does dirt and bacteria congregate in some people’s skin and not others? The reasons are varied and many. Hormonal changes and imbalances, heredity, diet, environmental components, and even stress are some of the more prominent culprits.

Of course, the most obvious acne cure results from lifestyle change if you are able to pinpoint those factors that cause acne breakouts for you. Changing your diet, getting more sleep, reducing stress, and increasing exercise can all go a long way towards bettering your skin.

But along with these changes, most sufferers of acne will agree that some topical intervention is required such as cleansing systems, medications, and creams. Luckily, there is a huge market devoted exclusively to acne treatments.

Because of the hormonal factor, teenagers are most often the victims of acne. As such, they are bombarded on a daily basis by all forms of media promising them the latest and greatest acne cure. Subsequently, teenaged sufferers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly on acne cures.

Adults – the often forgotten sufferers of acne – generally have more complicated and serious conditions. And it is often attributed to a wider array of causes.

When searching for an acne cure, you can look for over-the counter remedies including cleansers and topical creams. These are often less expensive than their prescribed counterparts but are also meant for milder cases of acne. Look for products that contain acne fighting ingredients such as benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid. Or search out those products geared towards reducing oil for those with oily skin.

For more complicated cases, sufferers can find more assistance through a licensed dermatologist. A dermatologist can prescribe acne remedies that meet the needs of your specific skin type. Further, your affliction will be followed medically until you achieve the results you want.

Whichever way you chose to go for an acne cure, time and determination will help you locate the remedy that’s right for you. Before long – with a little patience - you’ll have clear and healthy skin.

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