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Adult Acne: Types of Acne and Their Causes

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2006-11-09 00:06:00     
Article by Stephanie McIntyre

There are a number of different types of acne. Knowing which kind you have can help you to find the cause, and how to effectively treat it.

Between 25 and 50% of adults experience acne, at some point in their lives. Though the cause is not certain, it's thought that hormones play a role. Some studies have made a connection between hormonal imbalance and adult acne.

So a visit to a doctor to investigate and correct any hormonal issues may be in order. The best treatment for mild to moderate adult acne, though, is probably the same for adults as it is for teenagers. Keep the skin clean and use a topical product containing benzoyl peroxide.

Another form of acne is cosmetic acne, or acne cosmetica. This is acne that is related to the use of makeup. It's caused by the application of cosmetics to the face and can affect anyone who uses these products. This form of acne usually is in the form of small rash-like bumps on the face and it can last indefinitely. If the occurrence is due to a product you've recently started using, it makes sense to discontinue its use.

Acne conglobata is a severe form of acne. It is characterized by pronounced scarring and skin damage, inflammation, deep abscesses, and blackheads that appear over most of the body. The cause is not well understood but is more likely to occur in males who are between the ages if 18 and 30.

There are a number of treatments for Acne conglobata and they may be needed over a number of years. Regular follow-ups may be needed as well to check for recurrence. A qualified dermatologist may be able to treat the scar tissues that result from this devastating form of acne.

Acne mallorca is a type of acne caused by the ultra-violet rays of the sun, and appears as a rash on the neck, chest and arms. It's thought to be a result of the molecules that cause cell damage (free radicals) which are produced as a result of UV exposure. These radicals react with skin care products causing inflammation of the hair follicles in the skin, which leads to this form of acne.

The type of acne called acne excoriee comes from picking, rubbing, or squeezing pimples. It usually occurs in young women and is caused by an obsessive urge to pick at the real or imagined pimples and blackheads on the faces.

It's considered to be a psychological disorder, and the traditional treatments for acne do not usually stop acne excoriee. A psychologist and a dermatologist may both be required for effective treatment of this illness so that the acne as well as the underlying psychological issues can be addressed.

Constant friction, rubbing, chaffing and pressure on the skin can cause or exacerbate a type of acne called acne mechanica. Acne mechanica can be caused by: shoulder pads and their straps; tight uniforms of synthetic material; helmets and their straps; tight athletic supporters and headbands. Also, any type of clothing or strap that is held against, or rubs against the skin for extended periods of time can lead to this condition.

The treatment for acne mechanica is to first correct the cause and then to use a topical medication such as benzoyl peroxide. If you must wear tight fitting clothing made of synthetic material, wear cotton under clothing next to the skin to act as a buffer and absorb moisture.

Some additional types of acne are acne neonatorum, acne medicametosa, acne pomade and acne detergens. It is important to seek treatment with a dermatologist, if you suspect that your acne may not be the everyday form of acne, acne vulgaris, that is common among teens and your adults.

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