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             05 December, 2022

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How Attending the Landmark Cult Helps You Achieve Your Potential

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2013-12-14 01:12:27     
Article by Shadwin Dsilva

The Landmark cult is a multinational educational program operating in over 20 countries. Its curriculum has over fifty personal development programs and uses a facilitator workforce of about 700 program leaders. The end goal of all the courses and the educational programs is that graduates should be able to have better lives after completing each course. They aim to have a permanent impact in your outlook of life and how you go about setting and meeting your targets. Attending the Landmark course is the first step in the self development process which will enable you attain your potential and have a better life.

All these changes are achieved through a series of classes designed to allow you to interact with yourself and others and attain insight in yourself. This is both on issues that are holding you back, your strengths and what you really want to achieve in life. It is not just a feel good motivational kind of seminar but real dialogue with yourself and having commitment to change. What Landmark forum does is not give you new teachings but rather guide you in overcoming your challenges if you have any and also realize better simpler ways to get to your best in all aspects of your life.

The first point is the self reflection point and sharing of experiences and problems. You are guided in accepting responsibility of your attitudes and practices and guided in way to work on bettering them. This allows you to understand you are in control of what you are and become. The Landmark cult programs help you know how to face and handle situations and obstacles and live with a positive attitude. The exercises and assignments make this more real and ineffective compared to other self development courses and books. Here you participate and are guided in being committed to change.

The diversity of the participants and the different views and perceptions help one become better at interpersonal relationships. Developing better relationships is one of the core goals of the Landmark forum as it is crucial to a fulfilling life and achievement. You learn to respect opinions, make relationships. One of the assignments focuses on how you can work on making a bad relationship with someone in your life work. This could either be at home or work place.

The landmark forum will help you work on your confidence and self belief. For those with low self esteem the small group discussions and the understanding that everyone has problems similar or worse will help you gain confidence. Others also learn how to meet goals and reach level of achievement they doubted. To get the most from any of the offered courses, one has to attend all the classes, participate in all assignments and have an open mind. The forum is the first course and the forum in action builds on this applying what is learnt in daily life. After the Advanced course, you can select any other course you feel works for you though it’s highly recommended to follow up each course with the next on it.

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