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             08 March, 2021

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How To Take Care Of Your Computer Hard Drive To Prevent A Crash

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2006-11-08 01:49:28     
Article by Gregg Hall

The computer has become one of the most important tools in our daily lives. In fact, there are so many people all over the globe who simply can't live without this technology. These people usually work and communicate through their compute that when their personal computer would malfunction, it would seem like the world have caved in on them.

Technically, all computer hard drives would eventually fail us. These are just hardware that could weaken with age, constant use, mishandling and worst of all, the intrusion of computer viruses that have the power to wreck havoc on our computer systems. However, the good news is that we can actually prevent our hard drive from crashing down sooner than they should. Of course these ways and means of preventing hard crashes is not foul proof as there are always some factors, which we cannot seem to control at all. However, let us look at the bright side of things.

As for viruses that are often deadly when they latch into our system, one can install effective anti virus software that detects the virus as it try to enter into our system. We can install firewalls to create a barrier and prevent intruders from entering into our systems. If we can keep out the viruses from our hard drives, our files will be safe.

Now, viruses are not the only threats to our hard drives. Overheating could also cause our hard drives to malfunction and damage our files. Although in the past, over heating of the hard drive may not be very noticeable as our computers are still using lower speed, the new models of computers are processing data at very high speed that overheating of the drives in now becoming a threat.

Although our present day computers are equipped with built in fans and cooling system, the speed at which our present day computer process data could raise the temperature in the hard drive to about 70 degrees F. Such temperatures could cause computer crashes as some of the parts of the computer would melt under the heat. The bad news about this situation is that is would be very difficult, in fact it is nearly impossible to recover data in hard drives that crash down due to extreme heat.

To prevent your computer from over heating, you should make sure that the cooling system thereof is functioning properly. Make sure after you use your computer for sometime, you will allow the hard drives to cool off. It would also be a good idea to provide additional ventilation to your computer if you are going to use it for a prolonged period of time in a single setting. You may also get one of those monitoring software tools to alert you in case your computer have reached a critical level of heat.

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