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             14 May, 2021

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Experts at hand for rock salt requirements

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2013-06-02 02:29:16     
Article by Amy Williams

Established UK suppliers of rock salt have a reputation for providing both corporate and individual clients with first rate products at affordable prices. Here are just a few examples of industries that find rock salt particularly useful:


The agricultural industry is well aware that this type of salt can help with the health of a number of animals providing nutritional supplements. It can be used as animal feed as well as for removing excess saliva from the mouths of cattle, which can be one of the main symptoms of a lack of salt. It is an important mineral and one which should always be kept in stock by farmers.

Transport and road management

Many local authorities and transport organisations use rock salt for its de-icing capacities, especially during inclement weather such as snow and ice. Councils around the UK regularly use this type of salt to keep main roads and side streets open during the winter months. This natural product helps to reduce the temperature of ice and snow, turning it into liquid water form again.


Salt is also regularly used within the food industry. Meat and fish are treated with salt to ensure freshness, along with making it safer for consumers to eat. It can preserve many types of other food too.

Water treatment

Of course, salt is also used to soften hard water by interacting with ions of calcium, as well as magnesium particles which already exist in hard water.

Health and cosmetics

The medical industry benefits from rock salt for aesthetical purposes. It is the ideal cleansing agent to clean skin cells and rinse out skin pores, so many beauty salons also use salt in their products and treatments.

Why the quality of salt is so important

Reputable wholesalers of salt make it their goal to ensure that their products contain more than 90% pure sodium chloride to give it the right amount of quality. Salt quality is extremely important to numerous industries such as agricultural, transport, food, cleaning and the medical profession. With this in mind, experienced suppliers go that extra mile to meet customer satisfaction by continuously researching and developing what they sell.

Operating their own salt bag packing plants helps well-known firms to keep their costs low without compromising on the quality of their goods. There is the option for customers to have rock salt packaged in their own branded bags, which is not only more cost-effective but a great way to market their business too.

Why not spend some time checking out online salt galleries to see exactly what you get for your money regarding the many other different types of salt? Some examples are:-

a) Water softener salt
b) Agricultural salt
c) Equine salt
d) De-icing salt

When placing an order for salt, you can expect a personal service provided by courteous drivers who will deliver to your business or private address wherever you are in the UK. So don’t delay, place an order today!

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