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             10 June, 2023

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Use Duplex Filters for Ultimate Industrial Filtering Solutions

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2013-04-22 01:33:25     
Article by Shin Thomson

Duplex filters or double basket strainers have the capacity to operate continuously without any interruption in the process. They are removable, cleanable baskets that are effectively used to catch solids and other particulate materials that can be caught in the filtering process. These types of filters are ideal for applications which mainly consist of pipelines that do not shutdown for basket change out or any sort of cleaning. Hence, the primary benefit of a duplex strainer is to provide uninterrupted downtime for cleaning and maintenance. They allow a filtering process system to run smoothly and redirect the flow into an alternate basket when the other component reaches the capacity.

Structure and Functioning of Duplex Filters
Industrial duplex filter or strainer has two separate strainer basket chambers and not a simple strainer. Both these chambers are effectuated into service in an independent approach. When one basket chamber nearly gets full, the flow is redirected to another basket chamber to let the system face an uninterrupted flow. If the need arises for cleaning or maintenance, the strainer basket is then removed from the chamber for servicing, cleaning and/or replacement. It is then replaced in the same manner when ready for use again.

The integral part of this overall design is the method by which the flow is digressed in between the two strainer basket chambers. It is because of this design the filters have gained the popularity in being the most reliable and cost efficient devices in the industrial filtering system.

Nonetheless, regardless of the design, duplex strainers are efficiently engineered to perform to specific applications year in and year out, even in the most demanding commercial and industrial sectors.

Industrial Duplex filters are widely used in a variety of lubrication and hydraulic systems. Some of the other common applications where these filters are used are in chemical plants, compressors, condensers, cooling lines in power plants, ink supply lines to printing presses, automotive industry, and in water lines to cool towers and pump stations by taking water from nearby water bodies. They are also used in the field of industrial or marine oil burners as duplex oil filters.

Our life has advanced due to the inception of science and technology. Things like industrial flow meters liquid and industrial filters are devices that help to control the industrial flow applications. However, there is an important note to take care when evaluating or considering purchasing duplex strainers. The consideration must be focused on the total cost of owning the device, its optimum performance, and also on its smooth operation that will define the life cycle costs. If you keep in mind these following factors, selecting your appropriate device along with additional desiring features will become an easier task.

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