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Metal Polishing Grades and Services at a Glance

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2013-04-10 01:22:06     
Article by John Martin

Metal polishing can be classified as a metal finishing procedure. Metal finishing entails subjecting the exterior surface of a metal to buffing, coating, or chemical treatment so as to improve its durability and/or appearance.
Generally, metals may be treated or polished for the following reasons:

To improve their surface texture, and thus their appearance

To enhance the durability of the metal in question

To make the metal resistant to tarnishing

To improve resistance to chemicals or electricity… and so on

There are several different metal polishing grades, and polishing services can be availed by engaging the services of a reputable metal working firm. Here are a few examples of various finishes that can be obtained by polishing stainless steel:

2B Mill Finish: This particular finish is the standard one obtained from a producing mill. Metals with a 2B mill finish are smooth to the touch, look bright, and have moderate reflective qualities. However, this is only a preliminary finish, and other types of polishing jobs may be carried out on the metal over and above a 2B mill finish.

#4 Satin Finish (180 grit): The polish has a grit grain in one direction. The degree of the polish is enough to make the metal’s surface texture moderately smooth, yet the visibility of the grain is retained. One can see this grade being widely applied on metals that need to be used in sanitary environments. Such metal is also widely used in architectural applications.

#8 Mirror or Dairy Finish: In this particular finish, the grains are polished out to the extent that the surface acquires a reflective surface. The presence of pits or cavities on the surface could provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The reflectivity is mirror-like, and this helps users to spot the slightest material deposits on the surface. Such polish grades are widely used in the dairy and food and beverage sector where the highest level of hygiene and purity need to be maintained.

These are just a few of the most commonly used polished finishes. There are several other types of finishes that you could learn about by speaking with metal distributors that offer metal polish services.

A belt with an assortment of grit ratings is typically used for polishing metals. Buffing lends a smooth feel and shiny look to the metal surface. Most leading firms carry out a combination of automated as well as manual metal polishing processes. Whether it is a metal sheet or plate, it can be polished using specialized techniques. However, it is recommended that you discuss your concerns pertaining to the flatness of your metal surfaces before you commission the project. Finally, it is vital that you choose the services of reputable and certified metal distributors.

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