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             23 May, 2022

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Top Strategies To Skyrocket Your Speed Reading Skills

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2006-11-02 01:57:22     
Article by Joe Okoro

Are there uncommon strategies needed to improve ones speed reading skills? What does speed reading achieve at the end of the day and why do people speed read? One surefire way to make sure you develop a speed reading habit is by affirming to yourself that you need to speed read. You tell yourself and you do all it takes to accomplish that need. Speed reading is a skill that you can actually master, only if you know how to. The solution lies in the strategies you use to accomplish this skill.

The first step is to acknowledge your need to speed read. Then tell yourself that your are willing to take the necessary steps to accomplish this task. Those steps will require you to continuously practice till you perfect your reading skills. Now we are starting speed reading, but before we commence, we want to ask this question?

How does my present reading speed fare when compared to speed readers' speed? To answer that question you will need to know your level of understanding when you read, and at what rate are you able to complete a reading exercise. We are continuing with our speed reading exercise to test you now, are you ready? Let's go:

Exercise: Read this whole article that you are reading now and time yourself.

Once you are done, you will need to prepare a chart called a progress report. In it you will have the title of your reading. Then you want to include all the statistics about your speed reading skills in the body of the chart. This progress chart will help you to gradually develop your reading skill as you practice and practice over time. This chart will also make you see a need for you to improve as you progress in your speed reading.

T(seconds)/ Words(Minutes) / Understanding Speed reading result number 1= Speed reading result number 2=

As you read, try to record your observations in the following ways: Under the first result, record the time it took you to complete reading this article. This will help you see how long it takes you to complete an article and will also give you motivation to read at a faster rate.

If you want to know how many words per minute it take you to read, then you will have to carefully count all the words in this article. Once done, you will divide the total number of words by the time it took you to conclude reading this article. For instance. Let's say the total words in this article is 800 words and it took you 3 minutes and 20 seconds to complete reading it. Below is the mathematical representations:

Time = 3x60 + 20 = 200 seconds

Words = 800 Words/Time = 800/200 = 4 words per second

or 4x60 = 240 words per minute.

By keeping a record like this, you find out that it takes you about One second to read four words or 240 words per minute. You can increase your speed by practice and increase to 10 words per second or more than that.

Now that is all about the rate of your reading, let's move on to the second aspect of speed reading your comprehension level. Comprehension is your ability to fully grasp the meaning of any speed reading activity. We are going to test your level of understanding of this article. Do not feel bad even if you don't get the answers right, it is just an exercise to practice with.

1. How can i start reading fast?
2. What can i do first to start speed reading?
3. What is the next step once i have started?
4. what third step do i need to take in speed reading?
5. What are the common questions that might come to mind when speed reading?
6. How can keeping record using progress chart help my speed reading activity?
7. How vital is comprehension to speed reading?

Find the answers below:

1. Just start at once.
2. Convincing myself that i need to speed read.
3. Putting the necessary action to start speed reading.
4. The third step is to start and practice and practice more.
5. Questions like how is my reading ability presently compared to the pro speed reader.
6. The use of progress report will help you to see areas where you need to make improvements and you work accordingly to improve them.
7. The main reason of speed reading is for understanding any material at an unusual short time span, thus speed reading has two elements; comprehension and speed.

With all being said, you should be able to fully accomplish your speed reading skills if you apply the skills above, they are powerful and proven strategies that any speed reader can use and achieve an amazing speed reading rate. The only obligation is just try it out, and the results, will simply amaze you.

URL: http://speedreadingguideonline.com
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