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             23 May, 2022

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How You Can Use The Power Within You To Speed Read

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2006-11-02 01:57:11     
Article by Joe Okoro

Mindset is everything to a man or woman. With a good mindset, you can set your mind to deliver on whatever results you want of it. In speed reading, once you have decided that your intension is learning how to speed read, then you have set the ball rolling and will quickly accomplish it once you have enough motivation to see it through. Motivation is one thing, strategy and the power of reasoning is another. How can you use power of reasoning or discernment to speed read?

When authors or writers present their information, they can aid your understanding of their material by using the process of elimination to give you answers to the meaning of their write-ups. You can search out for this by trying to locate phrases that gives meaning to what you are reading. When you have located such phrases, you will need a discerning mind to read the meaning. Your ability to "decode" this information is your "Power" within.

These phrases are found in every paragraph in your reading. These phrases unearths understanding of the material; it gives us the power to discern.

For instance, let's take a look at the sentence below:

What is the main reason why youths drop out of high school? A. Economic conditions, B. Outside influences from peers, C. Monotony, D. Success standards.

Here, using discernment or reasoning can help us search for phrases that can give us clues to the right answers. Let's break the sentence down to locate the answer. Number one, Economic conditions can not be the answer since the government adequately caters for people with low income. What about success standards, this can hardly be the answer as the success rate of other students can not possibly encourage dropouts. You can not pick monotony because the school have a lot of activities which removes boredom. What about outside influnces from peers? I think this is the answer. As this is the only possible reason given the options we have for youths dropout from school.

The truth of the matter is with analysis and reasoning like this, you are able to almost find answers to any questions almost immediately while you are speed reading. That is your power.

Therefore, when you are reading, try to pick topic from areas of interest. This will make your reading exercise something you look forward to. There will certainly be hindrances when you read material of less familiarity to you. Later on, when you have mastered the act of speed reading, you can progress to areas of foreign interest. Then you will be able to take up challenges and come out successful by masterfully reading and comprehending using your advanced speed reading skills.

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