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             30 June, 2022

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A few design considerations for recruitment software solutions

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2013-03-23 02:13:56     
Article by Maria Warne

Recruitment software may take a number of design cues from a customer relations management that are essentially the precursors of applicant tracking system on which the whole recruitment platform is based. The recruitment version takes the standard model of Customer relations management and supplies it specifically the labor intensive environment of recruitment world.

Recruitment is a demanding process that might involve both excellent time management skills and ability to perform frequent, time consuming and dull task at a quicker pace. Certainly the core skills to find the right talent from the pool are set on the back burner whenever these heavy administrative tasks come into play. The role of recruitment software in this case can be defined as an attempt to free up more creative side of humans while the machines automate the rest of the job.

A typical applicant tracking software may attempt to define the entire workflow of the recruitment process. Under such circumstances, recruitment software is clearly aimed at the recruitment agencies that need to manage the much larger recruitment volumes than the actual HR departments in the existing industries do.

There is another reason why these recruitment software have become a significant tool rather than just a simple reworking of CRM systems. Even where human resource department needs applicant tracking system or other recruitment related tasks, it can compile them to the existing CRM to ensure that the precise functions are catered properly.

When the full workflow is defined, the recruitment software will incorporate the ability to set a number of individual calendars for the different members of the recruitment team. This enables the whole team to define their time schedules and places for meetings with the clients or for running interview sessions.

Recruitment software are also able to send bulk messages and individual emails to all clients and candidates at specified times for specific functions. This bulk emailing has been a long bearing challenge for the recruitment industry where the whole system can automatically synchronize the email sending process while the human consultant can concentrate on the more productive works in the mean time.

SAAS Recruitment software also incorporate high end technologies, most frequently seen in web engines, the ability to look and scan of a CV and extract pertinent pieces and block certain data from it.

At this time the recruitment software becomes semi intuitive part of the whole recruitment team. Using search logic and imaging tech, much similar in a way google looks at pictures and defines the information within it, a recruitment software solution might be able to come up with novel matches for client roles, that a human user have been able to spot had he or she got all the resumes at time and on time to go through them one by one. When the recruitment software starts sorting out candidates it becomes a major asset for the whole recruitment team.

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