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Alleviating the Symptoms of Cardiovascular Disease Naturally

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2013-03-06 01:02:23     
Article by Alicia Diaz

Heart attacks and strokes are the result of cardiovascular disease. They are the leading causes of death all over the globe. Identified as silent killers, they can seem to strike without any symptoms. Thus, regular checkups are encouraged ahead of time in order to diagnose any possible serious health concerns, including blocked arteries and high blood pressure.

If any cardiovascular issues are present, your doctor will advise you about ways to lower blood pressure, clear clogged arteries, decrease cholesterol levels and treat poor leg circulation. Circulation problems can be due to veins narrowed by plaque buildup. Cardiovascular diseases are often compounded by one’s lifestyle.

There are a number of ways to help address blood circulation problems such as poor leg circulation or high blood pressure. Options may involve medical procedures that require surgery. Pharmaceutical drugs may also be recommended. But keep in mind that there are also natural and safe methods for correcting blood pressure ailments.

Regardless of the treatment path you decide to take, it is important to consult your physician first. You may be guided about what kinds of supplements you can take safely with your prescribed medications.

All treatments work best when coupled with lifestyle changes. As health experts say: “Smokers should quit.” Ceasing tobacco use is the first step for treating cardiac diseases. Incorporating a healthy diet and exercise into your daily routine can work wonders, too. Regular walking helps to improve blood flow in the legs. Exercise will also helps control other risk factors that lead to heart attacks and strokes: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes.

Eating healthy foods brings down cholesterol levels and controls diabetes. Try avoiding foods that are high in salt, cholesterol, and saturated fat. Instead, go for those that are high in fiber like oatmeal or brown rice. For protein requirements, turn to fish rich in Omega 3, such as salmon and tuna—They are known to reduce blood cholesterol levels as well.

Correcting blocked arteries and leg circulation issues depends upon a person's overall health. Treatment may include a combination of lifestyle changes, medications, or in some cases, surgery. Take care of your health and modify any risk factors to stop the progression of cardiovascular disease.

In addition to lifestyle and dietary changes, you can use natural herbs to help clear clogged arteries and address poor leg circulation. The best herbal combination on the market is Healthy Hearts Club’s Heart and Body Extract, made from an organic formula of herbs that safely aid in combating poor circulation. With the product’s unique balanced herbs that work together synergistically, Heart and Body Extract has helped thousands of customers worldwide.

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