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The Applications of Programmable Amp Hour Meter

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2013-02-26 01:20:01     
Article by Prashant

Any industry manufacturing, construction, medical, research and development, all are dependent of technological devices.

One such innovative device is the Programmable Amp Hour Meter. The amp-hour meter, is by and large used for Constant Thickness Electroplating or Electroplating Thickness Control and Testing Battery Amp-Hr. The Programmable Amp Hour Meter are designed and manufactured aesthetically coupled with membrane switches placed on the front panel. These meters are robust, sturdy, heat resistant, good for working in harsh weather conditions and easy to maintain. Amp Hour Meter is available in varied models and depending on the requirement any model can be selected.

Given below is the general specification of the Programmable Amp Hour Meter-

Display- 4 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Current 6 Digit 7 Segment Red LED display for Ampere-Hours/Minutes 2 Red LEDs to indicate status of the 2 Relay contacts

1.Resolution- 1AH/0.1AH/1AM/0.1AM

2.Shunt Calibration- Maximum 9999 Amps corresponding to 75mV settable from front panel

3.Set Point- Settable from 0-999999

4.Contact Rating- NO-P-NC @ 5Amps/220V AC

5.Totaliser- 6 Digits for Ampere-Hour or Ampere-Minutes

6.Time Relays- 2 relay contacts with individual time settings in Min.: Sec.

7.Lock- By rear jumper to prevent accidental tampering with settings

8.Memory- Settings and Ampere-Hours saved in solid state EEPROM

9.Supply- 220V AC 10% @ 50/60Hz

10.Dimension- Front Fascia 96 mm x 99 mm Depth 135mm. Cut Out: 91 mm x 91 mm.

It is also important to assess the features of the Amp hour Meter which mentioned below-

1.Cumulative Ampere-Hour stored on power failure

2.Settable limit for Ampere-Hours

3.Ampere-Hour/Minute selectable

4.Dual time relays with on time settable

5.Lockable Scale Factor -CAL- for Various Shunts

6.Rear calibration lock to prevent tampering with settings

7.Current Integrated Display

8.Displays Current in Amps

9.Synchronized Input for mV(from Current Shunt) and Battery Voltage, to calculate the AH of a chargeable Battery when Voltage drops to Factory-Settable maximum value( typically 10.5V for 12V Battery)




Since varied models of Programmable Amp Hour Meter is available in the market, it is extremely important to evaluate the varied models and then select the amp hour meter that best suits your requirement. Prices of the Programmable Amp Hour Meter will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and therefore do ignore the pricing of the meter as well.

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