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             24 November, 2020

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Interactive Fiction Books: The Novel of the Future is Here

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2013-02-24 01:15:38     
Article by Howard Sherman

The novel of the future arrived around thirty years ago but was widely unavailable until just recently.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to become the main character in your favorite genre of fiction books - not just someone you read about but someone you can truly become- then interactive fiction books are for you. New worlds and new dimensions of possibilities are waiting for you to unfold their mysteries. These new planes of fiction books remove your limitations of just reading about characters in a story. You enter a world of words where you participate far beyond turning a page to see what happens next.

Imagine launching an interactive fiction eBook. A brief introduction informs you of who you are and where you are in relation to the story. When you're done reading you are transported to that place where anything is possible and everything is worth a try; a fictional universe with which you can interact.

Say you find yourself a luxurious resort in Aruba. You can choose to take a walk around one of the swimming pools, take a swim in one of them, step out, towel off then head into the lobby for a frosty tropical drink to push back the relentless heat of the bright Caribbean sun. In my upcoming work The Barista you could ASK BARTENDER ABOUT DRINKS or just order the bartender to give you a drink. If you're craving a Cuban cigar or a cigarette you could ASK BARTENDER ABOUT SMOKES. When you're done passing time at the bar you can rove the rest of the resort, book an excursion by the front desk or stumble upon an international cabal in a private cabana near the beach. Before you're discovered you should try and HIDE BEHIND THE FRIDGE. Everything IN CAPS indicates the different commands you can issue to any of my interactive fiction books which will then do its best to carry out your every order.

Interactive fiction is related to conventional fiction books (either eBooks or traditional fiction books) in just two ways: both communicate with you through the written word and both are fiction. But that's where the similarity ends. The experience of reading a book or watching a TV show is passive. Interactive fiction is never passive
The plot in interactive fiction books is unlike anything else you've ever experienced. That's because you don't just watch or read about someone doing something. You make it happen. The novel isn't waiting for you to turn pages; it evolves in response to your every move and decision. The plot expands in response to every step you take.

Interactive fiction books are made possible through technology. Pick-your--own ending books are the closest approximation to interactive fiction books but such a comparison would be like comparing a row boat to an aircraft carrier. Reading a pick-your-own-path leaves you very little in the way of choice or decision whereas any work of interactive fiction gives you a full range of motions, actions and decisions at every turn.

Characters other than your own can also walk around through interactive fiction books. Very often they have their own agendas and intentions sometimes in line with yours or in direct opposition to what you're setting out to achieve in the novel. These characters can walk and talk on their own whether you're around or not and depending upon the twists and turns the story takes, you may never meet these fictional people at all

Items you'll stumble across as you make your sojourn through the story can manipulated by your character if you so direct. Do you want to examine a key piece of evidence for clues? Simply type EXAMINE THE LETTER OPENER. Do you want to ask someone about something important? Equally simple - ASK JACK ABOUT THE BEANSTALK.

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