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             08 December, 2022

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Getting the best value from an infant sleep sack

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2013-01-26 01:01:23     
Article by Sammy Jon

When babies sleep on their backs, it prevents the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Infant sleeping bags are lightweight, which prevent infants from getting suffocated during slumber. These bags have large zippers and are made in a cocoon shape for additional comfort.

An infant sleep sack can be ordered with or without sleeves. They are available at almost every place where baby products are sold. However, care must be taken to ensure that these sacks are purchased from a reliable vendor. For this, adequate amount of research must be done prior to final selection.

The American Academy of Paediatrics has recommended that good quality infant sleepsacks be used. These should be made of material that has not been treated with flame retardants, so that it is not toxic for the infants. Such bags are most suitable for babies up to the ages of 36 months. However, one must make sure that sleep sacks are not purchased in case the baby's head can slide through sleeves.

Sacks are made of cotton, so that infants can easily breathe during sleep. These also have a quilted layer, which keeps the babies warm, in the event of cold environment. Ideally, parents must keep their infants in a room which has temperatures between 66 to 74 degrees F.

Such resting sacks are available in various attractive colors such as dream pink, cookies and cream, dream blue, khaki, white and slate pink. These colors have been proven to attract the infants with their pleasantness. Neither are these colors too bright or too dark. Sacks can be purchased in three different shapes- small, medium and large.

Babies do not have to be covered with special clothes to sleep in these bags. They can rest in regular sleepwear. Sacks will ensure that babies neither feel too hot nor too cold inside. These sacks can also be used for the babies to sleep comfortably during camping trips, and comfortable temperatures can be maintained.

In addition, infant sleepsacks also come with a unique 'glow-in-the-dark' zipper, which will help locate them in case of changing diapers in the dark, or for any other reason. This glow is not too bright, which ensures that the baby is not distracted during sleep. This feature is helpful both for parents as well as for the infants.

Resting inside an infant sleep sack also prevents the incidence of possible injury, as babies may climb out of their blankets due to restlessness. The bags also prevent babies from hitting the cot bars. There is adequate room inside this sack for a baby to move its limbs if required.

If these toddler sleeping bags need to be returned and a full refund needs to be obtained, they must be sent within 30 days of delivery. Order or invoice number, along with a printout of the confirmation email and a memo to give the reason of return need to be sent for verification purposes. The cost of shipping is not deducted from the refund only if the bag is damaged.

Sammy Jon is an expert author and has more then 8 years of experience in writing articles on various topics like Toddller sleeping bags, Infant sleepsacks and Prevent SIDS.

Specialized in: Infant Sleeping Bags - Infant Sleepsacks - Prevent Sids
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