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             28 February, 2021

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Sports Equipment and the Role it Plays in your Workout

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2013-01-22 02:02:28     
Article by Payal Hedaoo

Any object that can be used to exercise technically falls under the title of sports equipment. Your body’s overall fitness depends not only upon the exercises you do, but also in a significant amount upon the type of fitness equipment you use and more importantly the way you use it. However, for a workout that is balanced and will help you improve your physical structure, selecting the right sports equipment is very important.

A typical fitness regime consists of two different types of workouts. The first workout, known as a cardio workout focuses extensively on lowering the percentage of fat in your body and making sure all your internal systems are functioning properly and efficiently. In the cardio workout, a number of exercises such as crunches, sit ups, sprints, push-ups etc are performed. In this type of workout, a number of different fitness equipments are used, such as treadmills, exercise cycles, elliptical cross trainers etc. Finding the right make, model and manufacture of these machines is exceedingly important as a faulty piece of equipment could cause some serious injuries which might even become permanent.

The second type of workout, which is often known as the strength type of workout, focuses on improving and building up your external muscles. A variety of exercises are performed in the strength part of your fitness regime. Pull-ups, leg raises, bicep curls, triceps curls, shoulder press etc. are some of the most commonly performed types of exercises in this type of workout. Two different type of fitness equipments are used to complete this form of workout. The first are the fixed weight machines such as the bench press, the leg press, the chin up machine etc. There is a comparatively low amount of risk while working out on these machines as they have in-built safety measures in case something goes wrong in the way you are operating them. The other types of equipments are the free weights which have to be handled very carefully if serious injury is to be avoided.

Equally important is the purchase and maintenance of the fitness equipment. To make sure that you buy fitness equipments that are reliable and low maintenance, it is suggested that you look at the method of manufacture and the nature of the technology used by the many different brands that produce such equipments today.

Another important part of physical training is using the right fitness accessories. Buy fitness accessories such as gloves, elbow pads, knee pads etc. to make sure that your joints do not take too much of strain while you pump weights, otherwise long term injuries are certainly a very real possibility.

Thus, as can be seen from the above article, working out is quite a complex procedure that involves a lot more than just lifting weights. Improper use or negligence of the proper safety measures might lead to some serious injuries such as stress fractures, tennis elbow, shin splints etc.

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