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             30 September, 2020

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Looking To Increase Your Motorcycle Luggage Capacity?

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2013-01-13 23:26:02     
Article by Arline

Shopping for motorcycle bags should not be a challenge. Your choice may be influenced by:
• udget (How much are you willing to spend?)
• Need for storage space (How much space do you need?)
• Custom bag (are you shopping for a customized bag?)
Luckily there are different types of motorcycle bags available in the aftermarket. They are made of different materials, are of different styles and are manufactured for different purposes. Let us look at them:


These bags hang on either side of the bike. They have straps and are made of soft material, usually soft leather or polyester. They are easily removed, hence come with a full installation gear. Some manufacturers customize them for various bikes’ brands and types for example Cruiser/Tour bikes saddlebags come with a backrest. Some manufacturers use protective coats over their saddlebags to protect them from environmental hazards. However in absence of a protective coat, you can use a motorbike cover.

It is important to protect saddlebags from rain. Saddle bags have more storage space compared to other types of motorcycle luggage. They are also a cheaper option especially for adventurous riders.


Like saddlebags, they hang on the either side of motorcycles, usually around the back wheel. They are made of hard materials like metal, aluminum and hardened leather. They are more durable compared to saddlebags. With pannier motorcycle luggage, you may choose to have either higher or lower lids. Alternatively, you may choose to have them sitting on the same level with, thus may act as a back rest, albeit an uncomfortable one.
Panniers may be permanently mounted on your bike or not depending on your preference. Courier companies are known to go for the permanent fixtures to protect their deliveries from thieves and to protect fragile things from breakage in case of a fall.

Handlebar Bags

Handlebar bags are much smaller compared to Saddlebags and Panniers. They are easily fitted and removed. These are usually made of synthetic material, usually nylon. As their name depicts, they are meant to be fitted between the handlebar. However, there are different types of handlebars bags which can be fitted anywhere on the bike; between the handles, at the back, or they can be strapped on either side of the bike. These are a favorite with scooter riders. They are easy to open since most have zippers. In spite of being stylish and very convenient, they are not the best to use for valuable things.

Tank Bag

Just like Handlebar bags, Tank bags are equally small. They are fitted at the front of a motorcycle, atop the tank but not too close to block the gauges. They are commonly used to store pens, keys, notebooks, maps for travelers, wallets, cards and maybe sealed snacks. They have many zipped as well as open compartments to store different things. Since they do not have large storage space, they not a favorite of many people.

Motorcycle bags not only provide storage space but they do add aesthetic value to your bike. While some bike brands have their own customized bags like Harley Davidson most do not therefore if you are looking for general purpose motorcycle luggage, you can use these guidelines to make the best purchase. All bags come with installation manuals and are easy to install.

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