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             31 July, 2021

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Rubber Feet for Traction and Shock Absorption

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2013-01-13 23:24:41     
Article by Steve Harrison

Rubber feet are small components usually used as protective capping for the feet of various machines or equipment. These components not only provide traction, but also act as excellent shock absorbers in a myriad of applications. Such feet need to be manufactured using high quality, crack-resistant rubber. In fact, there are certain manufacturers that go a step ahead and offer thermoplastic rubber bumpers that last longer than other ordinary products.

If you are considering an investment in bumper feet, there are certain qualities you should expect from these components. Here is a quick checklist to refer to while purchasing bumper feet:

Manufacturing technique: The use of proprietary injection molding techniques makes for superior bumpers that offer an extended service life. Hence, you might want to consult with your chosen manufacturer about the kind of manufacturing technique they use.
Material used: Using regular rubber while manufacturing these components makes them prone to cracking under stress. This could be detrimental to your machine or equipment because without a shock absorbing bumper, the ‘rattle effect' in your machines is inevitable. Rattling or chattering could affect the life and performance of your machines. Wondering what materials are best? Bumpers that are molded from Thermoplastic Rubber are the best choice as they last longer and don't crack under heavy weight.
Shapes: The feet of your machine or equipment could be round, square, rectangular or even triangular. Ideally, the protective feet or bumpers should also be available in these shapes. They need to be a perfect fit. Manufacturers can be requested to offer bumper feet in shapes such as square, rectangular, round, or other miscellaneous shapes.
Other attributes: Natural rubber feet could leave marks on the floor. However, this is a non-issue when you make use of bumpers made using thermoplastic rubber. The best part is that it is easy to manufacture such bumpers according to your custom color specifications. Typically, you manufacturer may offer grey and black as standard colors.

In addition to being used by the electronics industry, these components are used with industrial machinery or even a number of consumer products. If you are an OEM, contract manufacturer, or even vendor, the best deals are to be experienced on bulk orders. When dealing directly with a manufacturer of rubber bumpers, you can expect custom products to suit your specific applications. The color, hardness, shape, materials, etc can be tailor made according to your requirements. You could either send your own designs or ask the manufacturing firm to create a design for you.

Always remember to ask for free samples before you go ahead and place the final order for rubber feet. This will help you gauge the overall quality of the components. You can even use these samples on your machines or equipment to gauge their performance before making a purchase decision.

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