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             25 March, 2023

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Ways to Build Strong, Happy Lasting Relationship

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2006-11-01 02:10:01     
Article by Annie williams

Are you unhappy with your relationship? Is your romantic life on a verge of a break off! What most of us are going to answer is YES! In today’s world it is really difficult to keep a happy long lasting relationship. Marriage or dating whatever you are into, you find it difficult to keep the relation happy and long lasting. The life today is over stressed both men and women career oriented, they give 100% to their work. But it is not only the job where you have to give your 100% a relationship too needs that cent percent.

Every relationship undergoes its own phases of good and bad times. No relationship is perfect No relationship stays without a laugh, a hug, an argument, a misunderstanding, a cry. Initially all the relationship move smoothly but with the passage of time many relationships lose the charm and romance of their relationship. There is argument, conflict and bitterness resulting in separation.

During good times you take things for granted and forget to make efforts to keep the relationship intact. A relationship demands hard work. You have to work towards your relationship to make it happy and long lasting. Little steps taken in daily life make your relationship sweeter. When bad times are in there is all bitterness in your relation. The more you try to get stability in your relation the more it seems to deteriorate. You land up messing your relationship. You never know how things went wrong. All of a sudden there is a sense of coldness between you and your partner. At times we take a relationship for granted and ignore what our partner wants from us. And then there are times when we want to keep up a relationship but are unable to do so. Both the partners should know what they need from each other as well as what they expect from each other. When you know what you want and expect from each other you have a way out to keep a healthy relationship. Remember a time when your relation went sour as you were not able to understand him/her or when in spite of loving your partner you landed in a break off. In a relationship there are times when you are really hurt, abused and angry and are on the verge of a separation, it is then you look for someone to give you advice. There are a number of ways to keep your relationship happy and long lasting such as understanding each others need, communicating openly what is within, showing honesty and loyalty. What you really require is an unbiased advice. Here we have 101 ways for you to keep your relationship happy and long lasting.

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