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             11 July, 2020

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Three Tips to Improve Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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2012-11-28 00:47:32     
Article by Lauren Zwiebel

Commercial carpet cleaning involves cleaning mats, carpets, seat upholstery, and other soft surfaces like rugs. The job is considered an easy one to carry out, especially when compared with hard surface cleaning. This article offers some basic tips to improve the speed and efficiency of cleaning. Before dealing with the tips, it is better to take a look at how the task is carried out.

How to do commercial carpet cleaning?

Carpet wash systems are the main machines used for the task. Commercial carpet cleaning or any carpet cleaning has three stages.

First, the carpets are pre-sprayed beforehand with a soap-free chemical, so that no residues remain. The mixture is allowed sufficient time to work on the surface. Its work involves breaking or weakening the bond between dirt and the surface.

After providing sufficient time to carpets to soak in the mixture, the cleaning is created by the pressurized flow coming from the wand. Thirdly, the residue is then extracted from the surface. Here are some tips to make all these three steps faster and more efficient.

Tip 1: Use heated versions

For lighter commercial carpet cleaning jobs, carpet steamers are not needed. Whereas, for high-traffic areas or to enhance the cleaning power, the addition of heat enhances the cleaning to a great extent. Many of the latest commercial carpet cleaning machines generate hot water temperatures of up to 210°F. Heat plays a major role in reducing the drying times of the top carpet cleaner equipment. This further reduces the risk of mold or mildew growth, which is commonly found within carpets cleaned by high-flow, slow-drying carpets wash machines.

Many of the latest commercial carpet cleaning machines feature inline heating technology, due to which they can reach temperatures of up to 210ºF within only 5 minutes. For machines with a single heating element, it takes a bit more time for the machines to achieve the maximum output temperature. Top carpet cleaner models have multiple in-line heating elements.

Tip 2: Use green chemicals

It is also important to use green chemicals as cleaning agents in carpet cleaner machines. Synthetic detergents leave toxic residues on carpet surfaces. Green chemicals refer to the cleaning agents derived entirely from plants and vegetables.

In other words, these chemicals do not contain a single artificial substance. The advantage of green chemicals is that they clean well, at the same time, do not leave any toxic residues on the surface.

Tip 3: Use machines that come with low flow technology

Some of the modern industrial carpet cleaner equipment feature low flow technology. The specialty of this technology is that these machines limit the transfer of water onto the surfaces. Such industrial carpet cleaner models save water.

Make sure you look for all the above mentioned features while buying a carpet wash system for commercial use. The best brands on the market offer durable and efficient machines. Get quick cleaning with equipment from the most reputed brands on the market.

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