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             24 January, 2021

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Secure your Passwords with Proficient Online Password Generator

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2012-11-10 00:47:02     
Article by LogmeOnce

Tech savvy is the word that is in trend these days. With people becoming more and more versed with the latest advancements and technologies, there is an equal threat to the security of the significant and confidential credentials of the companies. With the changing times, the level of security of the passwords and login IDs is not that competent as it used to be few decades ago. With the fabrication of software’s that are able to hack the passwords of the IDs, the demand of online password generator has equally increased.

With more and more companies coming up with such software’s to secure the passwords and offer you auto login option, you should be highly considerate while opting for the professional ones. Below mentioned are certain criterions that should be considered before making a choice.

1) The password manager you decide to opt for should be the one that comes with Military-Grade encryption technology to protect your IDs and passwords so that you get to experience safe computing.

2) The second aspect worth consideration is that the company or online password generator you opt for should employ advanced security encryption technology like AES or SHA-512 that will save you from the threat of weak password. An ideal aspect about the software is that you don’t have to do anything on your own since everything will be preconfigured and would be running in the background.

3) Before you make a choice regarding a company, ascertain that no one even from the company will have an access to your password. The company should proffer you with your own access and an encryption key that nobody else will know about. Give a glance at the policies of the company where it should be mentioned that any of the employee of the company will not have access to your personal credentials. The company will also offer you with the opportunity of auto login via which you will have an access to check how your data will be stored and shielded.

4) To protect your weak password, the company’s password calculator should automatically create and recommend strong passwords. The passwords should be such that even the hacker would find it difficult to trace. Apart from this, the company should also suggest you regarding the length, complexity and strength of your password. It is here where the software of the company will make the calculations for you and suggest you with a reliable one. Along with making your password strong, its quality will also be enhanced.

5) The most significant aspect you should consider before making a choice of the online password generator is that it adheres with the set government security standards. If you are an entrepreneur of a big shot and established company or belong to any government agency, NIST 800-118 is the apt document that can prove to be an excellent reference material for perking up the security policy of your company.

6) Last but not the least; you should always consider opting for a company or a password manager that proffers user with his own exceptional key, something which no one will have an access to. You should be guaranteed with the fact that even the employees of the company will not have access to your credentials and also that you will be proffered with an opportunity to craft multiple layers of security to shield an access to your data.

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