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             21 October, 2021

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Explore the Pacific Adventure in Solomon Islands Honiara

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2012-11-01 02:16:17     
Article by perfectionss

Thinking of fun on the beach and undersea? Think no more because this is a time to act and be a part of the crowd going to Solomon Islands. The place is a cluster of many small and big hundreds of islands all of them flaunting their specialities and tantalizing tourists with their novelty. Among the crowd of tourists you can also spot people expert in marine biology and love to experience sea in all its extremists. You may make good friends out of them and they will give you many accounts of their rendezvous with friendly as well as ferocious creatures that reside in there. In Solomon Islands, Honiara stands as your best choice to make a perfect accommodation till the time you are here, be it your solo stay or a family vacation.

Who Dives:


The marine species are the prime attraction here. People with a love of diving or taste buds extravagantly developed only to receive fresh and exotic seafood find their heaven here. They wallow in the excesses of both. Such tourists can spend their days under the sea enjoying known and unknown sea species. They days are full of seafood with a local touch. Especially for those who love diving Solomon Islands have delights wrapped up in surprises.


Solomon Islands are known as second home to the students who are studying marine sciences. They fly from many universities nearby. Often, some are from far places and take it as a challenge to be here for their projects. They read to know more about the place and the locals to use their knowledge of their area and sea world to tread cautiously. Some stay in the villages for convenience of study others chose to stay in the capital island of Solomon Islands Honiara. The place is known to be the best for tourists but not considered economic for students.

The Joy of Diving

Diving is considered an art as well as a study. More than 900 species of fishes are claimed to be found in the waters of Solomon. Their beauty is enhanced by the species of coral that is counted to as large number as 485. People can find many amazing member in waters of Solomon. Some of them are Anglefishes, spadefishes, Moorish Idol, hawkfishes, stonefishes, mackerels, Sharks, Bigeyes, Rays, dartfishes and many more. Dive in sea around Solomon Islands and enjoy being a diver.

Staying Options

The development of tourism has lead to many changes in the islands but authenticity is never questioned. Keeping the same things on mind, you as a tourist would find many options to stay whether it is Honiara you want to remain or you want to explore newer lands. Solomon Island resorts can be found on many of the prominent islands that are centre of tourist activities. They are luxurious and extravagant, if you choose to spend your beach holidays like that. There are other options of accommodation as well for those who have their pockets as well on mind like a research worker or marine life enthusiast.

Interaction with sea is not always fun. There are hard times as well but something got easily is not valued much. In Solomon Islands, Honiara would be the first place you will find the joy of vacation and there will be many more such island that will underline the fact told in above statement. Have a good time experiencing everything!

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