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             02 March, 2021

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Carpet Cleaning Machines to Keep Government Buildings Clean

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2012-09-27 01:29:34     
Article by Lauren Zwiebel

Contractors assigned to government buildings have to deal with two challenges that are heavy pedestrian traffic and restrictions on water use. Often, government buildings minimize water use in a bid to become more eco-friendly. This means that contractors cannot use too much water for washing carpets.

The second is the problem of heavy dirt on carpets. Government buildings usually cater to many visitors on a daily basis. Therefore, carpets there require frequent cleaning. Contractors can take these two challenges head on, if they use carpet cleaners designed for commercial use.

These carpet cleaners are so effective that many homeowners ditch their low-end models in favor of these powerful commercial carpet cleaners. These commercial carpet cleaners have the following advantages:

Low flow rates

A low flow carpet cleaning equipment has many benefits. The most noticeable benefit is that these machines are able to reduce carpet drying time to as little as two hours. This prevents molds from germinating on the carpets. Dry carpets are also less prone to developing odors.

Other advantage is that you can use low-flow carpet cleaning equipment in government buildings and other public locations without worrying about water-use restrictions. These machines have large solution and recovery tanks, so they can work nonstop for hours.

High temperature and pressure levels

Temperature and pressure levels are important parameters to gauge the effectiveness of carpet cleaning machines. Commercial carpet cleaning machines usually have hot water temperature levels of up to 210°F and pressure levels of up to 220 psi.

However, it is not necessary that the carpet shampooer always heats water, especially if you are dealing with carpets that are not very dirty. A non-heated shampooer can use hot water. However, if the carpets are very dirty and you have to clean them regularly, investing in a heated carpet shampooer works out to be cheaper in the long term.

Using wands

A single wand cannot clean all kinds of upholstery. For carpet cleaning, you need wands that are at least 12 inches wide and have an ergonomically designed grip. For cleaning rugs, curtains, and furniture, the wand should be 4 inches wide. These wands are not interchangeable. Therefore, you should make sure the carpet washing equipment you are purchasing has the right wand. Many dealers offer carpet cleaner extractors with both types of wands on request.

The wand lightly scrubs the carpet while extracting the dirty water. Well-designed wands are in near-to-complete contact with the carpet, enabling better extraction.

Walk-behind carpet cleaning machines are ideal for cleaning government buildings, as they are designed for use in areas with high pedestrian traffic. These carpet cleaner extractors are equipped with wands that offer 60 percent added suction power, which is similar to adding another vacuum motor.

Hose length

A commercial carpet shampooer should have a long hose, at least 25 feet in length. A long hose enables the operator to cover larger areas without moving the machine.

Keeping these points in mind when purchasing carpet cleaning machines helps the buyer make the right choice.

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