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             02 June, 2020

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Easy Tips to Find the Best Carpet Wash Systems

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2012-08-26 02:36:03     
Article by Lauren Zwiebel

If you search on the Internet for the best carpet cleaners, you would be pleasantly surprised by the large number of options you have at your disposal. A large number of websites claim that they offer the best cleaning machines. However, those who are familiar with the ways of the web world know better. What is proclaimed as the best need not be the best. Sometimes, some of such products may turn out to be the worst.

The only way to avoid such traps is to develop a basic idea about the product you want to buy. If you follow certain guidelines, chances of getting fooled are very less. The following are some guidelines that would help you find the best carpet cleaners available on the market.

Heated versus non-heated

Conventional carpet wash systems are non-heated machines. Thisequipment do not contain a heating element. Since these machines are used for cleaning soft surfaces, such as mats and carpets, a high temperature output is not necessarily critical, but preferred. If the heat is too much, it might end up negatively affecting mats and carpets.

However, it was observed that heated output does enhance the efficiency of cleaning. Innovative cleaning workers used to pour hot water into the tank and then use that water for cleaning. Manufacturers of cleaning products were quick to notice this and started producing rug cleaning machines with built-in heating elements.

The output temperature of these carpet cleaning machines is only up to 210°F. However, it is enough to make the cleaning process faster and more efficient. So, at present, the best carpet cleaners offer heated output.

Multiple heating elements

When the heating element was introduced, it took some time to raise the temperature of the output to the maximum limit. Some of the older rug steam cleaners took even half an hour to reach the maximum output temperature.

To solve this problem, multiple heating elements were introduced. Carpet cleaning equipment with more than one heating element have succeeded in bringing down the time taken for heating to less than five minutes.

Quality components

These days, buyers focus too much on technology as well as innovations and tend to forget some basic things. Whatever be the standard of technologies used, it is all of no use, if your carpet shampooer does not survive for long. What makes best carpet wash system durable? It is certainly the quality of materials that are used to make the machine. The components of the best carpet cleaners are made of only the best quality parts and components.

Multiple wands

A carpet shampoo machine works by injecting a mixture of water and cleaning agent into the mats and carpets. After allowing some time for the mixture to act on the surface, workers initiate the cleaning process by first pre-spraying chemical prior to applying the pressurized flow from the wand attached to the carpet cleaning machines.

Ordinary rug steam cleaners have a single wand that is used for cleaning both carpets and upholstery. The best truck mount carpet cleaners come equipped with multiple wands. The buyers have the option to buy a separate upholstery wand in addition to the default carpet wand. For cleaning car fabric upholstery, a small, 4 inch wide tool is used.

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