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             26 October, 2020

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Resource Scheduling Solutions for Mining Consultancy Industry

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2012-07-08 01:39:10     
Article by Mahendra Gupta

With a boom in world demand for mining resources, mining extraction companies are growing larger and larger while watching the profits flow in. As mining extraction companies are seen as the main players within the mining sector, the mining consultancy industry has resultantly seen huge expansion. In some cases, where thousands of consultants are on various different client sites, mining consultancy firms require a tool that allows them to monitor and efficiently allocate these resources for the right job or project. In some cases certain equipment tools would also be required and have to be allocated resourcefully as well. But is there software that has the ability to optimally allocate such a large number of resources, taking into account location, the type of the resource and many other parameters?

Mining consultancy firms provide services exclusively to the minerals sector. They work with their clients when planning on new projects or to improve on existing ones, by focusing on achieving the best return and output. So it is absolutely imperative that they themselves manage their resources in the most effective way, even if they’re dispersed between various client sites around the world. Regardless of whether a company’s staffs are global or local, a company needs to know where they are, what they’re working on and all the basic visibility that is necessary in order to maximise the output of a team or organisation. Whilst this is easier if your staffs are physically in front of you, it becomes far more challenging when your staff are scattered across different countries, separated by borders and time zones.

When searching for a planning or scheduling tool, it is very hard to find a solution that has the ability to recognize non-human resources to be scheduled as well as their existing human ones. With many mining consulting firms containing requirements to track and schedule their equipment’s and machinery, a platform is required that can simultaneously recognise both components under a scheduling sheet. But discussing some of the core problems that mining consultancy firms face doesn’t help unless we find a solution.

The solution is to make a better resourcing decision by choosing from a larger and more diverse pool of employees. Ideally one should be able to use a solid employee scheduling tool, in which they should be able to search the employees of their entire company based on their type, skills, experience, training or whatever criteria one wishes to search by. The tool should also recognise non-human resources as either part-time or full-time resources that fits in an everyday scheduling sheet but contains different sets of information with components that are specific to the type of resource that is required.

But is such a solution available in the market? Luckily there is. SAVIOM Resource Scheduling software, which is sophisticated yet easy to use, it is industry specific software that is configurable for your needs. This means that the next time a request is sent for a certain resource, regardless of location or the resource type, with a few clicks you will be able to give your managers the right resources cutting both time and cost for the company.

SAVIOM is a market leader in Resource Planning and Scheduling Software. This software is quite affordable and easy to use.

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URL: http://www.saviom.com
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