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3 Simple Tips for Golf To Improve Your Swing

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2006-10-31 00:22:57     
Article by Dean Iggo

There are as many tips for golf swings as there are golfers. Your friends, relatives, and even people you just met on the course will offer you tips. The truth is, that there is a lot of disagreement even among pros, so how are you to improve your swing? Well there are three basics that are standard tips from pros. Keep them in mind and you will likely see improvement in your game.

Keep Your Head Still

It sounds simple enough, but one of the most common problems with amateurs and thus a common tip for golf is keeping the head still. With all of the other movements going on with a golf swing, it can be easy to let your head move around. Keeping it still will keep you looking at the same part of the ball without changing perspective.

Relax Those Muscles!

By relaxing your muscles, you can attain one of the most important parts of a golf swing: balance. Stand so that you are comfortable and relaxed while addressing the ball, by making sure that you can reach it easily. Remember, no matter which club or what distance you are swinging, what will make your swing powerful and smooth is balance. Of all the tips for golf swings that you might get, relaxing and maintaining balance may be the most important.

Keep the Head of the Club Traveling Straight Through the Ball

Again, it seems simple enough. Most people, in principle, realize that the club head must travel straight through the ball, but they don’t give it any thought when they are playing. Once you have balance and your head still, the only tip for your golf swing left is to keep the head straight. By striking the ball straight, you can get rid of that nasty slice so many beginners have.

Golf is a fickle game, which is why there are tips for golf online, in books, from friends, and pretty much anywhere you look. While pros may vary on swing theory, these three tips are fairly universal and should get you going in the right direction.

Good golf aids can be a great tool on their own. However, if you already take lessons, and you should, they will enhance the experience. You can use the aids you pick up or read to add on to the information you get form you lessons. You will be amazed at how fast a few lessons and some well selected golf aids will improve your game.

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