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The Importance of Disc Filters in the Metal Treatment Sector

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2012-06-10 02:17:40     
Article by Angela Smith

A disc filter usually comprises of a filtration membrane that is stretched over a disc. These discs revolve in order to block the insoluble particles but allow fluids to pass through. The materials that deposit on the membrane of disc filters are lifted occasionally to allow for an uninterrupted filtration process. In some ways, this particular filter is similar to a screen filter.

There are several different varieties of filters and they are used for myriad industrial and commercial applications. In this article we shall discuss the features and uses of such filters. They are available in different materials such as pure polypropylene, propylene felt, cellulose, DE impregnated cellulose, carbon impregnated, polyester, and nominal or absolute rated.

The sizes of filtration tanks differ from one application to another. In keeping with these different requirements, such disc filtration media are available in diameters ranging from 5” to 12” to 33” and many more sizes in between. In addition, retrofit disc elements can also be designed according to industry specific needs.

In addition to disc filtration systems, a sanitary filter is also in high demand for sectors including but not limited to pharmaceutical, bio-tech, waste water treatment, food and beverage, wineries and breweries etc. Such filters are suitable for small to heavy duty applications. Some of these filters are also available in portable varieties enabling you to use them at different places at your plant.

Coming back to the uses of disc filters, the metal finishing and treatment sectors rely heavily on this variety of filters.

Here are some of the most common uses of a disc filters:
They can be integrated in the electroplating process and other metal treatment processes wherein insoluble particles need to be filtered out.
The waste effluent polishing process also makes use of such filters. This filter is also used for powder carbon treatment.
Heavy duty applications such as dewatering of aluminum hydrate, coal, hematite, iron ore taconite, copper concentrate and beneficiation processes make use of such a disc-type filter.
These filters are also used widely in the pulp and paper industry.
In the municipal sector, you shall find these filters being integrated in the water filtration and water re-use operations. This sector also stands to benefit greatly from the use of a sanitary filter.

When it comes to liquid solid separation applications, these filters are among the most commonly used ones. Today, filters with highly porous materials are being developed and applied. This has taken filtration to a whole new level and made it suitable for the most challenging applications. It is prudent to invest in disc filters manufactured by renowned firms as this would ensure a long service life, resulting in less frequent filter replacements.

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