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             08 August, 2022

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The Importance of Sourcing Quality Hardware for Handbags

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2012-05-22 02:04:06     
Article by Jahns Watson

A classy leather handbag adds a touch of sophistication to just about any type style statement. From urban chic to haute couture to sporty, fashionistas live by the clothes-shoes-handbag formula for a well-rounded look. However, even the finest bags, if not fitted with fine hardware for handbags can look substandard. Needless to say, the onus of using quality hardware lies with the handbag manufacturer.

Just as the quality of leather plays an important role, components such as buckles, zippers, locks and other hardware decide the final look of the bag. In this article, we shall talk briefly about the various types of purse hardware components:

Buckles and hardware: Buckles can either add a functional or ornamental value to handbags. They are available in various styles and sizes. These components are usually made in materials such as brass and zinc. Apart from bags, these components are also used in belts, shoes, accessories, and other leather goods.

Zippers: These are an indispensible aspect of handbags and jackets. They are made with a variety of alloys using specially devised manufacturing methods. This ensures that the zippers function impeccably for years to come. Sometimes, the production process can even involve more than 10 steps. The mark of a quality zipper is its ability to withstand high amounts of pressure.

Locks: These are another important aspect of leather luggage items. They cannot be strictly classified as handbag supplies because they are used mostly in travel accessories and bags. The function of a lock goes simply beyond providing safety to the luggage, it also needs to add a touch of class to the baggage. These are counted among the essential hardware for handbags.

Custom hardware: Belts, handbags, shoes, and other leather goods sometimes need to be fitted with custom-made hardware that bears the brand name of the manufacturer. These can be made from materials such as brass, zinc, iron, etc and are manufactured using methods like sand casting, die casting, steel mold, rubber mold etc. Once you have placed an order for the components that you need, the manufacturer will produce a sample that meets your specifications. Getting custom-made handbag supplies could take anywhere between 6 weeks, plus a couple of weeks for shipping.

In addition the purse hardware we have discussed above, there are other varieties components such as loops and rings, clasps, magnetic clasps, among other things. It is important to source all these components from a renowned manufacturer because the use of inferior-looking parts could tarnish your overall brand. And this, ultimately would affect your market standing and sales volumes. Finally, one important aspect to keep in mind would be the cost factor. Getting quality products at competitive prices is equally important when it comes to hardware for handbags.

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