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             21 October, 2021

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Custom LCD Solutions for Industrial, Medical and Lifestyle Products

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2012-05-19 02:57:52     
Article by Chris Johnson

As an OEM or contract manufacturer, your priority is to give your end users an impeccable LCD experience. An assured way to do this is by relying on custom LCD solutions. Liquid crystal display screens are all around us—be it handheld devices, computer monitors, television screens, medical and industrial machines among other things. However, when standard products don't meet your exact requirement, you can depend on custom solutions to tweak the features of an existing liquid crystal display module to your exacting specifications.

There are several applications and equipments in which custom modules find an important role to play. It is possible to opt for displays in varieties such as STN, FSTN, YG LED, White LED etc. When opting for customized modules, ordering in bulk is likely the most cost-effective solution. These modules can also have an integrated capacitive touch panel, if so required.

Following are a few examples of custom LCD solutions in different types of industries:

Medical devices: There are equipments such as sterilizers, respiratory systems, and monitoring systems that mostly call for the use of character LCDs. In addition, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring devices also stand to benefit from custom modules. Based on where each of these devices is to be used, it needs to be manufactured to exacting specifications. More importantly, they need to be highly accurate.

Automobile consoles and audio systems: There are speedometers, audio displays and other interactive panels in automobiles that depend on the use of character and graphic LCD. Since every manufacturer needs to have a distinct edge in the market, it is important to opt for completely customized interfaces for automobiles.

Communication devices: A number of handheld tablets, mobile phones, desktop telephones and fax machines depend on the use of character and graphic liquid crystal display.

Health care industry: Calorie meters, speed rating meters, weighing machines—all of these devices have taken the digital route in the recent years. This has led to an increased demand for Capacitive Touch LCDs from this segment. Each monitoring device needs to have unique features which generate the need for customized modules.

Lifestyle products: Right from digital calendars to digital photo frames to barbecue thermometers, there's no end to various lifestyle products that are increasingly relying on the use of character and Liquid Crystal Display.

Your chosen manufacturer should be able to give you quick prototypes of the design that has been finalized. Once this is done, and you are satisfied with the quality of the prototype, you can then go on to make the entire production run. Custom LCD can certainly prove to be a tool that gives you a competitive edge over the other players in the market. Moreover, it can also be an economical prospect for your company, especially if you decide to order in bulk.

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